We asked some of the city’s most brilliant and creative minds to tell us about the most difficult decision they’ve had to make.

Alexis Carswell | Event Planner, Lash Artist & Brand Strategist

Having to decide to quit my job was the most difficult decision. Read more>>

Wesley Pellot | Photographer

To be honest, leaving my “9-5” even though that was the goal and it was one of the best decisions of my life, it was also the hardest. Not having a weekly check to depend on was really hard at first, but it really push me to a whole different level of creative hustle that I didn’t think I had. Read more>>

Cynthia Badillo | Cake Artist

The most difficult decision I had to make was dedicating myself to my business full time. I was only able to take two or three orders for the weekends while working a full-time job. I was afraid to completely leave my job, so I went to working just part-time as my business started growing. I then had to make the difficult decision of leaving that job and focusing just on my cake business as it was getting too hard for me to handle. This was difficult for me because I was afraid that my business would not be successful. Read more>>

Shaykila Mayes | Model, MUA, Professional Bartender

The most difficult decision I had to make is to choose a 9 to 5 or strictly sticking to being a full time entrepreneur with using my own money to invest into myself. Read more>>