We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Imani Barnes | Licensed Esthetician & Brand Consultant

I’m inspired by great leaders that came before me, my own purpose and knowing that what I offer can change the lives of others. Read more>>

Alycia Tulloch | Lawyer & Organizer

I’m inspired by God, and I’m inspired by people. My family. My friends. Random people with whom I come into contact. Images I see in the media. Music created by various artists. Movies I watch in different settings. I believe anything and everything can be a source of inspiration if seen through a certain lens, but I mostly believe those who are inspired tend to inspire others. I enjoy the challenge of taking inspiration and turning it into something powerful. I like figuring out the “why” and the “how” and turning those answers into something that can benefit myself and my community. My best ideas come to me after I’ve had time to sit and reflect. Read more>>

Cheli Njoku | Lifestyle Writer & Vision Workshop Host

Travel inspires me. I know we’re all pulling “short straws”; so while I’m still here I want to live as authentically and fully as possible. I respect my mantra “live well explore often” by immersing myself deeply into moments that bring me happiness and new insight – often. I travel for the emotions the destination offers me. It could be a 7 hr drive to St Pete’s Beach in FL or a full day flight to Morocco in Africa. The distance is not the motivation. It is the emotions. The people. The sights. The sounds. The food. The shopping! Returning from my travels with unique finds from my trip affords me the luxury of “time travel”. Read more>>

Keianna Williams | Health & Lifestyle Coach

As a creative person and visionary, I am inspired by many things, but the two mains things that have inspired me to build my business and become the woman I am today are: 1) hearing the words “No” and “you can’t”, 2) the type of work that I do. I started my coaching/consulting business eight and a half years ago and I did it the untraditional way. I walked away from my management position with no money saved and no guaranteed way of making money. Many people thought I was crazy and didn’t think my business would survive and here I am eight years later. It hasn’t been easy building my business, to date it has been self-funded, which has resulted in a lot sacrifices and setbacks, but well worth it, I absolutely love what I do! Read more>>

Shanita Brown | Celebrity Talent Manager & Designer

When starting my business my thought process was how can my business help people, help the world and make a difference. I wanted to impact the world and set an example for anyone interested in joining the entertainment business with little to no experience. Before starting my business I came across a few people that was struggling with their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth. After working with them those inequalities were boosted and they were happy with who they are. It felt good to be able to help someone. I also helped people discover their true talent and hidden talent. They were grateful and were able to go to the next level in life loving themselves. Read more>>

RaNeisha Myers | Corporate Dining Chef & Food and Lifestyle Blogger

I am inspired by my community and it’s willfulness to spread love and take care of one another. I am inspired by my peers and those that have come before me blazing the trail. I am inspired enough to always put myself in a position to learn, grow, and most certainly prosper. I am inspired to wake every day to pour into my gift and turn my life experiences into an opportunity for others. Read more>>

Rene’ Flagg | Founder and Director

I am inspired by encountering “hurting women.” Women who are desperately trying to be loved, accepted, and valued only to realize that what they have tried have left them debilitated. I am inspired when women begin to have hope instead of fear. When they see and understand that who they “truly” are is more than enough. This is what energizes me, keeps me focused when I grow tired and inspires me to keep moving forward. Read more>>

Jasmine Hubbard | Travel and Nurse Blogger

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless other Black lives that have left this earth due to racism, police brutality, and inequality. Events like these have inspired me to do my part in changing the narrative. Black women are the top women in our nation to obtain college degrees and to become entrepreneurs. Those are two of the ways the narrative can be changed for me as a Black woman. The world sees us as one way when we are so much more than that what is portrayed on tv and magazines. I am inspired by the Black woman who raised me, the Black women who are my sisters, the Black women who I call my friends, the Black women who have paved the way before me to achieve success in many aspects of life. Read more>>

Tonya Baynes | Creator of Beautiful Bracelets

I’m inspired by color and beautiful things. When I see beautiful jewelry it just makes me want to create. When I’m commissioned by someone to create a bracelet for them, I look for the prettiest beads I can find in the colors they want. What makes me the happiest is when my customers are happy with what I’ve created for them. Read more>>

Mikey and Randie Chapman | Content Creators, Founders, and Hosts of the Black Millennial Marriage Podcast

We are inspired by black excellence and black families. We’re inspired by the fact that we can impact behaviors and encourage people to prioritize the health of their relationships with their partners, children, and with themselves. We are lastly inspired by our listeners who prove to us, time and time again, that we are all alike in a lot of ways and all capable of vulnerability, bravery, transformation, and love. Read more>>

Kamirah Johnson, MSW | Nonprofit Founder & Event Planner

As a African American woman who was raised in the inner city of Atlanta, I’m inspired by the needs of my community. Being a nonprofit founder isn’t easy, but being a change agent on the west side of Atlanta means something to me. The people in my community mean something to me. When children, parents, & the elderly need a helping hand whether it’s school supplies, resume building, toys under the Christmas tree, or even just answering a phone call to listen. It’s a role I don’t take lightly & deem highly important. I was taught as a adolescent at times you will need others during your life’s journey to lift you in times of need. Read more>>

Mimi Dukes | Artist

When you ask what inspires me, I think of several things. I am inspired in my artwork by images that have a story, an emotion. My latest drawing is of a homeless woman praying. When I saw the photograph of this woman, I was touched on many levels. I am a spiritual person who is also empathetic and compassionate… In the crazy times that we are experiencing, I was drawn to this image and had to recreate it. When I am commissioned to create a piece, I am inspired by the recipient’s story. In a recent commission, I was asked to paint a colorful abstract. I took that a step further and based the painting on my client’s wedding bouquet. Read more>>