We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Nate & Chasity Brown | Owners of Daddy’s Girls Bakery

Being that we have five kids we are inspired by the idea of creating generational wealth and opportunities for them as well as others. Read more>>

Tyler Aboagye | Founder/ Creative Director

Honestly, I am inspired by life itself. From the everyday struggles that I face, to the everyday triumphs. Most of my inspiration comes from realization of what is impacting our culture. I try to implement that sentiment alongside how I personally feel as means of inspiration towards creation. People will always flock towards the truth so why not express real things in what I create while expressing my own feelings simultaneously. ~ Tyler Aboagye Read more>>

Jack Spade | Music Producer & Filmmaker

I’m inspired by everything. Music, TV, trees, the sun. I’m inspired by life itself. It’s such a gift to be here. Inspiration comes from being grateful. When we wake up we should be like, Holy Shit! I’m still here! Thank you! Read more>>

Charvette Jones | Teacher, Ballerina, Gymnast, Poet, Published Author, Business Owner

Being a teacher for 26 years, the majority of the time, I taught black children. From that time and even now, I have always believed and said that black people, especially students and everyone else needs to know our history which is more American that apple pie. During Black History month, I made it my business to teach my students more than just our FAB 5, Martin, Rosa, Harriet, Sojourner, and Booker T. These FAB 5 change from teacher to teacher that doesn’t look like me. Talking about the past and how we got here is what has inspired me and the knowledge is needed and necessary. Talking about racism and coming from a family where we were engulfed in our culture, my dad was a history teacher and artist and he specialized in African History and African Art history for 36 years. So, we always knew the beautification of and being descendants of Africans and what being black in white America look like and is. He painted about the black experience, his experiences, and went all over the nation telling and showing his artwork and our African Art. Read more>>