We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Julia Speer | Creative, Emotional Explorer & Radical Self-acceptance Advocate

I’m inspired by other emotional risk-takers like myself. People who are willing to be vulnerable. People who lean into their own fear and discomfort to show up in their fallible human authentic messy human self. People who are not afraid to make mistakes, who when they get their ass kicked, they pick themselves up, knock the dust off, bandage their wounds and get right back in there. I admire that kids of courage. It requires us to be able to look in the mirror and stand what we see- the beautiful and the not-beautiful. Read more>>

Zach Stolz | Co-Producer of Happy Accident Theatre

We here at Happy Accident Theatre are inspired by art that surprises us, by pieces of theatre or performance that seem to spring from out of nowhere (or maybe everywhere?), and ultimately that things that don’t feel safe, that aren’t sure things from a producing standpoint. We formed in response to wanting to see and experience theatre that wasn’t inside of anyone’s comfort zone – whether that be by approaching challenging subjects, by subverting genres, by blasting away tired old tropes, or by helping to inject new life into things that were once thought dead. And new work. Always new work. There’s nothing more inspiring in the realm of theatre than the act of creation, the process of something new coming to life and shouting into the world for the first time. Read more>>

Austin Prescott | Music Video Director & Video Producer

Movies, Television, music, nature, other artists, and people in general. I make sure to place myself in situations where I’m able to observe things and let my mind run with it. If I stick to one thing for too long or don’t adjust my experiences I tend to stay less creative and inspired, so I make sure to change things up constantly and keep an open mind. Read more>>

Sara England | Artist

I grew up on a farm in North Wales, surrounded by the sea and mountains just to the south of me. I am, and will always be, inspired by nature and the outdoors. I have called Georgia home since 1999, and although it’s landscape may be different to my homeland, I have grown to love it for its own special riches, its beautiful beaches, its majestic Southern Oaks covered in Spanish moss, the golden marshes of the Low Country in the Fall, and the mesmerizing expanse of the mountains of North Georgia, – it is impossible not to be inspired!. Read more>>

Briar Davis | Editor

I am inspired by my higher self. I believe that it is up to me to create the life that I am in search of living. Read more>>

Samone Holt | Crochet Artist & Spiritual Healer

I am inspired by many things like cartoons, artists and music, everyday adventure and things in that nature. I take everyday as a new opportunity to learn something new and grow whether it be on a random lunch trip somewhere with my friends/family or if I’m traveling getting ideas from different cities and cultures. I am inspired by the small things in life because we tend to take for granted the small daily things. I want to seize every opportunity that I am blessed with and use that in my art in some form or fashion. Whether I am redesigning something I saw on Instagram or using nature as my guide to my next creative project, I am always looking for inspiration and I hope to inspire others along my journey and help me grow as an artist/designer/creator. It’s not only the big famous people who inspire us, sometimes its the workers that we see grinding on the daily in the middle of a pandemic. Read more>>

Helen Medlin | Professional Princess & Children’s Entertainment Expert

“For the look on their face when their hero calls them by name” It sounds so cliche, but my biggest inspirations are the children I work for. There is actually something “magical” about the interactions I share with my clients and their children. When a little one truly believes that their hero has come to life out of a fairytale, just to visit them, the reaction is unmatched. The ability to make a child feel so special is a gift like no other. The real “magic” is so much more than a sparkly dress, a story, and a song. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that I can give a 4-year-old “the best birthday ever!”, but what truly inspires me is the opportunity to make a deep and lasting positive impact. I feel I have a real duty to the children I come in contact with to be a role model and hero, not only to entertain, but to reinforce the powerful lessons fairytales teach us; kindness, selflessness, generosity, and bravery. I founded my company to enchant and empower children to grow up slowly, to embody the values of fictitious royalty, and to eventually become someone else’s hero. Read more>>

Lisa Yaszek | Regents Professor of Science Fiction Studies

I’m inspired by people who strive to create better futures for all. For me, this includes the work of both activists and artists. We live in a moment marked by a new chapter in the civil rights movement, a new wave of feminist collaboration including both cisgender and trans women, and a new generation of ecologically-minded, politically-outspoken youth from across the world. What’s particularly exciting is that so much of this drive for change is led by people who identify as women! Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi founded Black Lives Matter; Georgia’s own Vandy Beth Glen filed the lawsuit that extended federal protections against sex or gender discrimination to trans people; Greta Thunberg is the face of an entire generation that demands immediate action against climate change. There is a lot of risk in challenging the social and political status quo, but these women do it in clear, clever, and creative ways that have already had their own, immediate effects on how we think about our relations to each other and to the Earth itself. Read more>>

Tasheika Bowen | Poshmark Ambassador, Influencer & Creative

I am inspired by the Word of God. There are days when I need encouragement or words to affirm how special I am. When I read the Bible it breathes life into me. There are so many stories with people who have flaws, but God still used them for His plan. The talents, gifts and purpose that He has given me, along with His instructions, inspire me to lift up others. I am also inspired by my family. They constantly cheer me on and push me to do the best that I can. Sometimes they believe in me more than I believe in myself. Finally, I am inspired by women who prove that there are no limits to what we can accomplish. I love seeing women of all ages set and reach their goals. I am inspired by their journeys and motivated by the obstacles that some have overcome to succeed. Read more>>

Florida DeVaul-Dudley | Founder & Executive Director | Certified Life Coach | Educator

For as long as I can remember I have been inspired by helping and serving others. I’m truly draw to those that need helping navigating this journey called life by simply showing them unconditional love and kindness. This has resulted in many being uplifted from the situation they were or currently find themselves in. Helping and serving has also allowed me to connect with others, creating stronger communities and helping to build a happier society for everyone. I give my time, expertise and energy, because It is not all about money. Read more>>

E. A. Dodson | Director / DP

Truthfully, many ignored calls, texts, personal messages, emails, and letters of mine have led me to where I am today. Those same disregarded cries for advice and opportunity will be the reason I one day will have a story worthy to tell. Understand that there are a lot of people that declare they want to do what it is that you lose sleep over. They want to do something that you not only dream about, set unimaginable goals for, but frankly, you’re deathly afraid of losing. You stretch yourself daily not just wanting to do it, but, hell, to live it! Be inspired by those producer guys that never paid you that one time. Be inspired by the ones that quit believing in you and the path you’ve set for your life. Be inspired by the fact that those aren’t your people. Be inspired by “The Room.” Don’t just be good enough to get into it, but be great enough to stay in it!. Read more>>