We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Charlie Britt | Business Owner and Entrepreneur

I am mostly inspired by the experience of creating new, unique and excellent products and experiences. Whether it is creating a new product like Wine Infused Sriracha Chocolate Coffee or designing an experience for our customers to enjoy uniquely, the inspiration I receive from this creativity is a big part of who I am. With the experience of creating, it brings a whole new meaning to the word change. This change brings a freshness to each and every day, and I find it exhilarating. I love change. Read more>>

Jessie Lee Taylor | Potter & Realtor®

I was once given the opportunity to ride a well trained, finely bred, competitive Quarter Horse. American Quarter Horses are bred for their fast starting, quick cutting, stop on a dime and gain incredible speed at short distance abilities. Having grown up and worked with horses my whole life, I would consider riding second nature but this would be the first horse I had ridden of such caliber. When we set off to make the clover leaf pattern around the barrels, I experienced something that touched my soul so profoundly; the way the horse whipped around each barrel with the slightest direction, the power that exploded after each turn and the speed in which was gained racing back the last stretch left me completely speechless. In that moment I experienced a flawless creation designed for a specific purpose, functioning at its optimal and it was transcendent. Read more>>

Des Gray | Director & Producer

What really inspires me is my spirituality. Meditation is the only element I can use to bring my imagination to a creative perception. Read more>>

Jamie Bourgeois | Textile Artist | Natural Dyer & Illustrator

I am inspired by both the resiliency of the natural world and its fragility. In my work, I use natural dyes and fibers to explore the impacts of human interactions within ecosystems. My goal is to spread information and admiration for the natural world – hoping to spark real engagement in fighting to protect what’s in jeopardy. Learning about a specific indicator species, the decline in native pollinators, the mating habits of a particular beetle, the building of a polluting plastics plant (Formosa), the food chain in the ocean, a poem about grasshoppers, how a hermit crab chooses its next shell, the inequalities in so many of the systems we’ve built and the work of artists who’ve come before me and my contemporaries are all sources of inspiration that call me to create the work I make. I’m also very inspired by my process itself of using minerals and plants (and insects and fungi) to create color and line on fabric. Read more>>

Darius L. Tigner-Jackson, PHR | HR Talent Development Specialist

My loving and spirit filled grandmothers Ms. Gloria Tigner and Ms. Betty Mabry are both my inspirations and heroes. I have seen them both overcome several big and small obstacles. From having breast cancer to having a stroke and surviving them both. They both push me beyond measures daily to become the Renaissance Man they know I am. I enjoy helping others with educational and employment opportunities. Seeing the smiles on the people I serve is rewarding knowing my assistance to them is the greatest asset. Read more>>

For Inez | Musician/Band

My bandmates inspire me everyday. Music is something I can’t go a day without playing or creating and the fact that I found like minded souls to do that with is pretty amazing. I, we, just want to leave a piece of ourselves in our music that just might inspire others. Itzhak P: I feel like mine’s short but honestly, straight to the point. I’m inspired by nature, different genres of music, art, moments of creativity, history, exploration and expedition. Patty F: As vegan cheesy as it sounds im inspired by my bandmates. Erick who is usually 1st to practice driving from about an hour away. Itzhak who comes to practice after working long hours at work, and Mel who flies back and forth from NYC to jam and is constantly working on new material that she brings back home to us. These guys are literaly amazing. Along with talented musicians I’ve played with before like Brian Fuentes, Luis (Panda) and Alex Love who bleed music. They inspire me every single day. Read more>>

Shanicia Boswell | Author, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Black Moms Blog

I am inspired by my life around me. I did not just become a mother – I made motherhood my. business. All parts of what I do originates from something I have personally experienced in motherhood or hearing about another mother’s story. I am constantly amazed at how resilient women are. I never want to paint a picture of perfect motherhood. Instead, I like to present what real motherhood looks like. Read more>>

Jasmine Smallwood | Private Chef

I am inspired by hard working people. People that have overcame tough situations and came out on top because of their ambition and drive to want better for themselves. Read more>>

Jen Pric | Beer Educator, Author & Entrepreneur

I’m inspired by every day people doing extraordinary things. It’s so reassuring to see when people who may not be rich, or who may not be in positions of power still find a way to pursue and achieve their goals. Read more>>

Megan Eskoff | Artist and Poet

My work is heavily influenced by expressionism, fauvism, and neo-impressionism. I borrow from theses movements bright colors and bold shapes, as well as emotional earnestness and sincerity. My memories of astonishing landscapes from some of my favorite places to visit, mainly Colorado and Ireland, dominate much of my content. I enjoy looking at photos for reference, but rely largely on memory of how a place feels, or the mood of the light at a certain time of a day. I am also inspired by meditation and mindfulness, just the act of focusing in on your body and breath, and taking in what is right in front of you. I explore the theme “the divine in the every day.” Part of my process is noticing how the sun lands on the branches of a tree, or the various shades of blue in a single wave of Lake Michigan, the patterns of leaves and flowers in a neighbor’s yard. There are snippets of beauty existing in every corner of every day, if we just practice noticing and savoring. Read more>>

Amelia Dortch | Branding Expert

I’ve always been inspired by hard work and creativity. Growing up, my mom worked really hard to make ends meet for her family. Raising four girls as a single mom was far from easy but I saw her use her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to build a good life for us. The example she set has always been an inspiration to me and impacts how I approach my business. Read more>>

Carrie Neal Walden | National Social Media Contact, Ben’s Friends

I always root for the underdog. Seeing someone with major challenges or barriers to their success, particularly when they just can’t quite get it all together but keep coming close – the ones that don’t lose heart and finally reach their authentic, vibrant life. Those are my heroes because they never give up. Read more>>