We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Yaa Asare-Nyarko | Coach Yaa – Fitness & Nutrition Coach

I am constantly in perpetuate state of inspiration. Inspiration range from my clients to facing my own personal challenges. I find a way to be inspired on a daily basis. I don’t have to go far to be inspired, get inspired or to inspire others. Fitness has not always been my way to express my inspiration or to even find it. But after years of finding something or someone to inspire me, I decided to be my own inspiration. I reflect on the marathon I ran in 2015 and it inspires me to run 10 miles. Or it could be a client from my M.O.M Squad that share their unknown, their fear and it inspires me to do interval training. My co-Breast Cancer Survivors sisters from Bod Squat to Stunning Survivors share how the 30 fitness and nutrition challenge not only help them lose weight but also love themselves again inspire me to make healthy choices. Being inspired sometimes doesn’t always comes in smiles and laughs for me. I also find inspiration in the unknown, it gives me hope, it helps me to believe things are working out for me. Read more>>

Confetti Kash | Fashion Designer & Music Artist

I am inspired by several things but the biggest one would be failure. I love to not get it right the first couple of times. I love the process of failing, then trying again, failing, then trying again, etc. I feel like with every failure or lost, I get stronger and wiser. Plus, trying harder after each failure makes the success that much sweeter when I finally get it. I love to feel like I’ve earned it. Read more>>

Ashli Ceraolo | Photographer

Love. I have, and always will be a sucker for a good love story. I’m one thousand percent a hopeless romantic, and being able to have witnessed one of the greatest love stories of my time, my parents, inspires me every time I step behind the camera with one of my couples. Capturing the genuine love, and the real moments of anyone’s story, whether it be a wedding, proposal, engagement, or just a couple’s portrait session adds just the right amount of fuel to my fire. Read more>>

Alicia Williams | Creations by SV – Pyrography Artist

I’ve been inspired by various things since I started this artistic adventure. I seem to always go back to getting my main inspiration from people though, particularly musicians, song lyrics, and the feeling I get when i’m listening to certain songs and when i’m at a live show/ concert. Read more>>

Kamryn Shawron | Fiber Artist

I am constantly inspired by the world around me. Old movies, magazines, vintage images and couture mood boards. Anything with changes in texture and surface immediately hook me – and get me thinking how could I incorporate something like that into my work? What can I learn from this? Above all I think I am inspired the most by my mother . To this day I still remember coloring with her at the table when I was a child, watching her shade and crosshatch with such expertise. I believe she was the one to start my passion for embellishment. Read more>>

Courtney Locke | Actress & Dancer & Podcaster

In the last two years, my perspective has totally changed. My husband and I found out we were going to be parents…PARENTS! On top of normal first time parents fears, we had only been in Atlanta a short time and was nervous about losing traction in my career or losing it all. At my six month mark, my morning sickness finally subsided and I was able to see clearly that I wanted to succeed that much more for my son. He is the reason I work so hard. Read more>>

Philip Brown | Owner PERC Coffee

I was a musician looking for work when I wasn’t on tour with the band, and I got a job at a local, independent coffee shop in Athens. I started to learn more about coffee and really became fascinated by so many aspects of what goes into it, where it comes from, and what it means to people who love it. Later on, while touring on the west coast, I had the opportunity to experience new and interesting flavors and techniques with coffee. So much so that I started experimenting with brewing and roast profiles which ultimately drove me to strike out on my own and start PERC. 2. Hmm, that’s tough. 3. In the beginning, I was lucky enough to have the privilege and support to be able to take a risk knowing that if I failed, I could get back on my feet. The hard thing about risk is that, as your business grows, there will be multiple risks you face, so there’s not a lot of relief getting past a major hurdle. Another thing that factors into risk is all the amazing people who work for me. Read more>>

Nancy Spivey | Career Strategist, Professional Development Coach, Trainer | Founder, Ready Set Resumes

I am inspired by transformation, which goes hand in hand with my love for personal and professional development. I am passionate about helping individuals, teams, and organizations grow and transform. Read more>>