We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Savanna Brown | Owner & Lead Photographer of Savanna Kaye

Simply put, I’m inspired by people. I’m inspired by the stories that make them who they are. I’m inspired by the vulnerability and courage it takes to step in front of a camera and invite another person in. I’m inspired by people’s growth. Their failures. The quirky things that make them “them” — someone maybe not too different than you. I’m inspired by the power and ability we have to translate the aforementioned through a single photo. Read more>>

Brielle Jenkins | Artist

I’m inspired by so many different things, but I’d say my hometown influences me the most. Florida is a crazy beautiful place. My eclectic taste definitely developed there. I live in New York now, and it’s just as weird but in a different way. Read more>>

Nykia Snipe | Teacher & Business owner

First, I want to introduce myself. I am thee crowned owner of Sleep N Royalty. I am most inspired by my family. I come from a background of go getters. My parents are my inspiration. They had me very young but they always made sure I was taking care of. And as I am grown now; that has never stopped. I can honestly say they are super supportive of my plans and dreams. Even with my having my husband; they always make sure we are going okay. As well as my siblings and family members. Read more>>

Demetrius Williams | Photographer

There is not much that I am NOT inspired by. Inspiration surrounds me in day-to-day life but when I need a boost, traveling to different countries and experiencing different cultures never ceases to provide added inspiration. I am inspire by the countless ways that different cultures go about their daily lives. It reminds me that there is no single correct way to live life. Read more>>

Lauren Layne | Lifestyle & Mood Photographer

Very interesting question because so many things have inspired me. I grew up as a daughter of a photographer, so seeing people excited about their photos was inspiring. Just the beauty around me whether it came from nature, observing people in their everyday life just living or the reaction to people seeing their photos and trusting my vision and loving the wind results. Read more>>

Domonique Black | Make Up Artist

My inspiration comes from so many places, I would say that other women inspire me the most though. I love that we are all different but also so similar. I am constantly working with and servicing multifaceted women, from all backgrounds, with different styles, and who express their beauty in different ways. To be able to connect with them on such an intimate level keeps me motivated and inspired. Read more>>

Glendora Dvine | Licensed Professional Counselor and Business Coach to Clinicians

What inspires me is the history of my ancestors that was negative and positive. Many inspirations gets me up and motivated to move forward even when times are hard. The little girl that lives inside of me that didn’t have a mother to raise her or a father with quality time to share is another inspiration . I am inspired by my spirituality and the reality of the family I created. My knowledge of generational curses that are in my family and knowing I can end them with my legacy is a true inspiration to me. Read more>>

Ronell | Entertainer/Visual Artist

I can gain inspiration from anything. I love the way Music makes me feel. Sonically, every genre resonates. I love how visually a movie/music video captivates me. I studied a-lot of that in my younger days. I’ve always adored the fashion world. It gives me the room to play dress up with anything and everything I feel to wear that day. Read more>>

David Haynes II | Entrepreneur, Writer, Director & Content Creator

I am inspired by a fear of dying without leaving an indelible mark in this world to let people know I was here. It’s a tragedy to come to the end of your life and then realize you have not lived fully and marked the world with something to let it know you were here. Read more>>