Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Del Ro | Entrepreneur & Host

The most important factor that has influenced my success and the success of my brand is the consistent work ethic. I am a true workaholic! I truly enjoy what I do and oftentimes, it does not feel like work. It is natural for me to work late nights on a weekend; I find peace in doing so. Many people do not understand the groundwork that goes into the successes of my business as well as my brand. Consistency is so key and involves not being easily discouraged. In entertainment you must have resolve, grit and mental toughness to be successful and last. I have been able to maintain a consistency over time that has allowed me to gradually elevate the level of my work and overall success of my brand. Read more>>

Shanice Renee’ | Mother, Model, Owner of B0utique Simone’

The most important factor behind my success is faith, strength, and my daughter. I’ve hit many bumps in life while building and working to be successful. That helped to build my strength. While pushing myself over and beyond my limits, and staying focus. But still learning in the process as your brand grows and becomes bigger and bigger. Building a brand takes a lot of time, passion, focus, stress, and even days where you may want to give up. In those moments is when you want to be your strongest. Read more>>

Andre Byfield | Founder of Plant Tee Knowledge & That Vegan Melanin | Plant-Based Influencer | Visionary | Creator

The most important factors behind my success are myself and the few people in my circle. Ever since I was a young boy I always motivated and challenged myself to do better. I have experienced many failures and I have learned from them all. I see failures as opportunities, which is why I am able to build two brands Plant Tee Knowledge and That Vegan Melanin. Brands that people find valuable. The few people in my circle believe in me and what I am building. Read more>>

Leslie Valentine | Mental Health Advocate and Non-Profit Founder

We represent compassion. We represent love. We are L&M Valentine Foundation. Our journey is about people in the community. L&M Valentine Foundation has built a platform around healing and caring. We believe in highlighting mental and emotional health awareness for underserved communities throughout the country. We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about some of the most pressing mental health issues facing today’s community members. We advocate that education, awareness and intervention is critical and always relevant. We are a non-profit with a commitment to people and we need people to make it happen. Read more>>

Jermaine The Prince | Musician, Rapper, Actor, and Photographer

The most important factor I would say to being successful period is consistency and motivation. Without these very 2 important factors I can’t tell you where I would be right now. Being motivated, having the energy and the passion to be able to doing what you love is hella needed. But consistency, to be willing to do everything you just did over and over and over again, I think that takes real heart for a person to do. Read more>>

Pollyana D’Agostino | Grazing curator

I still don’t think I’ve reached “success” – to me that’s something you look back on and determine, but in the day-to-day you’re just pushing to do as well as you can and build into tomorrow. But I think (or hope!) the qualities that draw people to Graze Atlanta are qualities that extend from me. I’m present and personality-forward in my business, I nitpick over every little detail, I treat each order as if I’m eating it myself, and I always focus on making it look as good as it tastes while possibly introducing unknown and interesting ingredients to people. I think people see a minority woman offering Graze Atlanta as a genuine extension of herself, which it truly is, and they cheer me on with their business. All “business” aside, though, the local community’s support does make me feel successful. I have so many appreciative people encouraging me which tells me I’m doing right by them and that’s really important to me. Read more>>

Devon Colebank | Multimedia Artist & Brand Strategist

I believe the biggest part of my success is identity. Throughout my whole career I knew myself and my weaknesses. With knowing myself, my strengths, and weaknesses; overtime I improved and worked to sharpen each element of my craft.If one is honest with his/her self they can see where they are now and where they need to go to reach their goals. All in all, this factor helped me gain so much knowledge in my career-field and put myself through tests. One becomes calculated under so many ordeals of discomfort.. Read more>>

Miriam Falaki | Wealth Advisor

Absolutely I would say adaptability. I find success in being able to embrace change and growth. The financial market has its short term ups and downs, but over longevity, with patience and trust your return is so rewarding. Breaking into the world of wealth management 9 years ago taught me the exact same lesson. I stuck with believing in myself even through short term ups and downs. My big picture is simple, I work hard to help others thrive. Staying focused on that makes growing pains and challenges life lessons that I will never forget. Read more>>

Dynasty Lane | Founder and owner

My most important factor behind my success is my go getter attitude. I am up late nights and early mornings researching, learning and building. I try to make sure that what I’m offering is what is needed and also effective! Read more>>

Damaire Dasan | Hair Artist

The most important factor in my success is being dedicated , motivated and never giving up on what I want the most . I also have a true passion for my craft , making people feel confident and empowered that’s what I do this for. Read more>>

Gina Sanchez Gisache | PR Coordinator

The most important factor behind the success of my business are the endless bonds I’ve create with my clients. Every client that I work with becomes not only a business ally but also a long time friend. I love being able to hear their stories and see all the hard work they put towards their careers. This is what drives my vision for their events. Read more>>

Brittany Lloyd | Hairstylist & Makeup Artist

The most important factor behind my success is not letting fear stop me from achieving my goals. There will always be doubts but you just have to keep going! Read more>>

Davo Sounds | Lead Singer of Attack the Sound

The most important factor behind the success of Attack the Sound has been our team. There is no perfect or for sure way to do one thing in life. My team has been willing to fight with me through the numerous difficult and trying situations as well as decisions. We’ve pushed the limits of our owe creativity so often that it’s becoming a science but there were many times I was for sure it was all gonna fail. Read more>>

DASHA | Artist & Songwriter

I’ve always intentionally tried to seek discomfort because when you’re uncomfortable you’re forced to grow and adapt. I also think being the least talented person “in the room” is crucial to becoming better at whatever you’re doing. I spent the last three years in Nashville writing with people who were way better than me and I learned so much. A few months ago, I realized I didn’t feel like that anymore and so I needed to push myself and move to LA even though that makes me a little fish in a huge pond. I’m terrified but that’s a good thing. As far as my brand goes, I present myself on social media just as I am in real life. It’s me, it’s authentic. I’m really proud of that. People are attracted to authenticity. I’m trying to make history with my music and “well-behaved women don’t make history”. Read more>>

Aaliyah Nelson A. | Fashion Designer

Hard word ,passion, social media, consistency and faith is the key. God is truly the plug. He gets all the credit. He has already done so many amazing things for my business, I can’t even imagine what’s next. You have to know that he has already line up the right people in my life to help out with your amazing success story. You just have to keep going!! Todays business owners are now able to reach so many people online through social media, ads, etc. You have to remember somebody is always watching, telling somebody how dope you are. You must stay consistent and put everything else on God hands.. Read more>>

Nikita Williams | Professional Dancer, Model and Influencer

The most important factor behind the success of my brand has been consistency and staying authentic to who I am as a person and artist. Being a professional dancer is a lot of hard work that people don’t realize because they only see the finished product. They don’t see the multiple no’s before they see success and that is why consistency is so important. If I would have given up I would not be successful. It has actually become a part of my brand to showcase my journey. It has allowed me to get to know so many of my supporters from all over the world and allowed them to get to know me. My hopes in showing my journey is to inspire other aspiring artists to go for their goals no matter what they are and know that they too can achieve them. Read more>>

Madiya (Nicole) Randle | Traveling Hairstylists, Wig Designer, Business Coach, Business Builder

The most important factor behind my success is Character! I live by 5 C’s in business “Character, Commitment, Confidence, Customer Service & Consistency)! One of my golden quote is “Your brand gets people in the door, but your character keeps them in the door “ Read more>>

Taylor Knight | Digital Journalist & Content Creator

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is consistency and not letting imposter syndrome get to me. When you are starting a brand from nothing, it takes time to see those results but you have to be patient and keep on pushing. My dad always tells me “The time you fail is the time you stop trying.” I don’t plan on failing anytime soon, the more consistent I am with my brand the more results I have seen. Read more>>