Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Lauren Buglioli | Actress

I love the entertainment industry because it always presents new obstacles and challenges that help me evolve as an artist and person. I try to say to myself, “girl, you’ve been through worse than this” when something feels insurmountable. My intuition is admittedly pretty sassy. I remind myself that I wouldn’t have the opportunity if I wasn’t prepared for it. Honestly, it’s never the job itself, but the training and preparation that builds character and skill. I finally got to a place where I value the experience more than the outcome. Redefining success as growth is what ensures I feel successful. I’ve fallen in love with the lifestyle of being an actor, rather than chasing a desired result. Read more>>

Jay Harris | Singer-Songwriter, Producer & Brand Strategist

There are two factors that serve as a foundation for my success. They are authenticity and integrity. Throughout my journey to reach certain benchmarks and goals, I’ve learned that the way to be most effective is to be true to who you are and to always stand firm on your moral beliefs. These two factors work hand and hand and have allowed me to filter every opportunity through them. When striving for success of large magnitude, many struggle with not knowing what decisions to make, what opportunities to oblige, or who to connect with. Processing each event through the filter of: “Am i being myself?, and “Do I feel morally comfortable?” allows one to have a better chance at connecting with the best fit for them and their brand. Its worked for me and it will work for others. Read more>>

Jill Lewis | Psychotherapist & Owner

The most important factor in success of my brand has been passion and genuineness. I feel you can only be successful when you care deeply about what you are doing and come at it with sincerity and realness. I love sitting and talking with people, hearing their struggles, conceptualized their lives and helping them find more fulfillment and happiness. Being “in the room” with a client you must focus completely on them, while being a human. Many times therapists keep themselves stoic and without emotions. I show up as my whole self, to allow my clients to feel a true meaningful connection. I, of course, have boundaries, but within those they can connect to someone who has real genuine emotions and cares deeply about them. Read more>>

Katharina Raven | Filmmaker & Photographer

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is, being true to myself and my vision. Very often, I struggle with comparing myself to other industry creatives – but then I remember this phrase about there being hundreds of different laundry detergent – and yet everyone reaches for their personal favorite. That phrase always reminds me that; when building a brand, what you stand for, and how you uniquely present yourself, style, and values will eventually make you into that favorite brand your customers choose to take off the shelf. Read more>>

Curtis Bryant | Creative & Writer

The most important factor my behind my success, without a doubt is my faith. I identify as spiritual and not religious. This is because, religion unfortunaltey doesn’t include relationship. And that’s what God is all about. Because of my relationship with God, I know when an opportunity is for me and when it’s not. I’ve personally found over the many years, that I’ve been an entrepernuer. That many people are so afraid of losing momentum or not being popular, that they take every opportunity. Which usually makes them exhausted, which then effects the quality of their work. — It’s a terrible cycle. Faith reminds us, that what’s for us, will always find it’s way to us. No need to “steal” all the jobs. Leaving no room for your brothers and sisters to grow and gain experience. My faith has also given me the courage to take “leaps of faith”. We hear a lot about this when it comes to entrepreneurship. Read more>>

Anna Kennedy | Therapist & Yoga Instructor

Relatability. I believe the most import factor behind the success of my brand is relatability. I work with all ages, but I am primarily an adolescent and young adult therapist. Oftentimes with teens, they are attending therapy because their parents have requested it.. they often do not want to walk into my office for the first time. Knowing this information, I am very intentional with the way I present myself. As silly as it may sound, I dress very casually.. I wear jeans, tees, and sneakers-many times brands that are popular with that particular age group. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to dress like a teenager, but I do try not to appear too dressy. I also keep up with trends in pop culture.. I am aware of the Netflix shows they watch, the popular music, the trending topics on twitter, social media trends, etc. After the first impression, I then work on making the therapy really relatable and relevant for that particular age group. Read more>>

Charlene Dunbar | Owner & Creative Director

Consistency has really built the success of my brand. I really love what I do as a designer and bringing joy to my customers, so that’s helped me to keep going even when I get discouraged or certain ideas flop. I think that showing up, season after season has helped my brand to thrive over the long haul. Read more>>

Kathy Rennell Forbes | International Artist & Instructor

I think continuing to learn new things every day. I have taken in person workshops and now virtual art classes to improve my painting skills – several per year. I attend several art marketing workshops, courses on presenting and teaching online. I also teach classes, which forces me to learn even more and to put it into practice. I consistently work on both my paintings, my art business and teaching. I am fortunate that I love what I do and I work at it every day. Read more>>

Evelyn Armstrong | Photographer

I feel the most important factor for success as a photographer in general but especially a concert photographer is networking and developing positive relationships with those you wish to work with or work for. It can be difficult to navigate especially as an introvert and someone who prefers to observe rather than partake, but it truly is so important. I’ve definitely learned the hard way and have experienced many missed opportunities where I didn’t introduce myself to someone and watched a friend in the industry get an amazing opportunity not necessarily because they were more qualified but because they were able to communicate and build that connection. It can also be a hard pill to swallow when you do try to make a connection and for one reason or another you just don’t gel with the artist, manager, or client. Networking really challenges you to face not only open doors but some rejection as well and trains you how to identify and react in those situations for the most success. Read more>>

Izzy Lowell | Physician & Founder

At Queermed we believe in fairness and respect. That’s really it! Queermed provides affirming hormone therapy for transgender and nonbinary people of all ages. We serve patients across the Southeast, via telemedicine to reduce barriers to care. What we do shouldn’t be unusual or remarkable, but unfortunately it is very hard for trans and nonbinary people to find care. We are successful in what we do because we treat people with kindness and respect. Read more>>

Justin Boone | Assistant Costume Designer, Owner, Photographer & Creative Consultant

The most important factor behind the success of myself personally as well as my brand come from my faith in God through my relationship with Jesus Christ. I am in a very unique position where I have been gifted with vision that extends beyond my natural talent and resources. This level of provision requires me to trust and have faith over the small things in order for me to receive all that has been promised over my life. Because of my faith in Jesus, God always provides for me in ways that use my current skills but also requires me to breed and exercise new ones. Without my relationship with God, I wouldn’t occupy the spaces in which I hold, neither me nor my brand would have the value and impact that it does. My success is dependent upon my faith matching my work. Read more>>

Lily Abdelmalek. | Sports Performance Coach

I believe the authenticity and genuine care we have for the athletes that walk into our facility has brought success to DSA Sports. It’s so much more than training these guys and girls. It’s about seeing and being apart of their success not just on the field or court but in their personal lives as well. Read more>>

Nichole Ferguson and Allison Lauricella | Gallery Director & Assistant Gallery Director

At the Brenau University Galleries, we endeavor to be an educational resource for our students and University community, as well as the wider North Georgia community! We value feedback from our patrons about what we do well and what could be improved. We consider a Galleries season to be a success if we have presented a diverse group of exhibitions on display; have created fun, informational, and free programming accessible to all; have served students of the University through educational opportunities and curriculum integration; have created a safe and unique space for all visitors; AND have done it all with a smile! Read more>>

Lashay Perkins | National Best Selling Author

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is determination. Determination is what kept me going when I wasn’t a best-selling author. I remember when I was just starting my writing career, I never saw my books hitting the best selling list. Becoming a writer changed my life and I just try to always remember that where I am at today in my career. I take that determination and I instill that into my author’s signed under Unique Creations Publications. I let them know that I also once started from the bottom. I had to work my way to the top just like everyone else in this world who just like I, could never imagine they would also one day become greatness. Read more>>