Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

G. Eddie Patten, Sr | Photographer

I believe the most important factor behind my success and brand is remaining true to my creative and artistic eye.. In this industry (fashion, runway) it is easy to morph into what’s new, exciting or trending, however, I have found success is remaining uniquely you! Most people seek after my originality, rather than trends. Read more>>

K Renee Horton | Motivational speaker, children’s author, next level facilitator and NASA engineer

I believe the most important factor behind my success is my transparency and willingness to critique myself and accept others critique. I acknowledge I don’t know hardly anything about business and I’m constantly looking for the technique that’ll get me to my next level. I often reevaluate where I am and identify ways in which I want to grow in business and as a brand. So far this has worked but hasn’t netted me the money level I would like to be at in the next three years. Read more>>

Austin Willé (better known as AyyWillé ) | Recording Artist & Saxophonist

The most important factor to my success thus far would be strategic branding. Non of my accomplishments would even matter had I not made the decision to brand myself as an artist, rather than just another Nashville musician. I had the opportunity to participate in a World Tour with a Powerhouse of an Artist in Adia Victoria. She taught me a lot about what it’s like in the driver seat of artistry and helped me understand that my ideas and perspective were valuable. I came back to the states after that last run in Europe with a new mind, refusing to just be a generic saxophonist on records or gigs. I needed people to know my name, as an artist who is a saxophonist. Read more>>

Jordan Luke | Producer, Cinematographer & Photographer, and Visual Artist

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is that I always keep in mind to be “a student of the game”. That phrase to mean stands out because it shows my will to never stop learning no matter how old I am or how much experience I have gained. Alway keep learning, you’ll never have all the answer to this thing here called life. I love gaining wisdom from family, peers, mentors, and experience. Read more>>

Tiera Campbell | Beauty Influencer

The most important factor behind my success would definitely be having the confidence to express myself while influencing others to do the same. I love the idea of being able to take advantage of social media to engage and connect with others who enjoy beauty and makeup just as I do! I want to be authentic and be able to work with beauty brands that will allow me to be myself. Another important factor would be staying consistent! Consistency comes along way with being a content creator and I cannot way to see what unfolds for me in the future because of it! Read more>>

Marcus Ray | CEO / Founder of Money Rite Clothing

Staying focused and being consistent with branding. You have to make it clear to customers what they can expect from you. You need to be presenting consistent images and messaging to customers in each of your marketing channels, whether it be your website, social media, email, advertising, signage or in‑stores. Have a Vision Statement—What do you want to achieve? What are your core values? How will your brand reflect this? A vision statement helps you focus and rally your team to achieve your business’s over‑arching goals. Read more>>

DeRone Payne | Artist | Audio Engineer | Music Producer

The biggest thing I have learned along my journey is to lead with passion. Find out what it is you like to do and lean into whatever that is. Do it because you love it, not because you want to get rich tomorrow. Ask yourself, what is it that you would do every day just because it makes you happy? Don’t lead with money. Life isn’t about how much money you accumulate. You can become wealthy doing literally anything you put your mind to. Read more>>

Gotti Doll | Hair stylist/entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success and my brand’s success is customer service. Despite the fact that I provide quality products and services my customers are always satisfied. Making sure each person leaves feeling good about spending their money with me and eager to return for the next experience and vibe. Read more>>

Sandrea Terrell | Nail Technician, Lash Supplier, and Student

The most important factor behind my success is proving to myself that I was more than capable of achieving success. Growing up, I never thought I could be successful with the childhood I had. I thought I could only do enough to get by. However, over the years I’ve challenged myself to defy norms and push myself beyond measure. Knowing that I created something successful is simply amazing. Read more>>