We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them.  We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Maria Angelova | Founder & CEO, Rebellious Intl

I want people to remember me as someone who made a difference and inspired and helped others to live purposefully. I love how people are starting to refer to the Rebellious brand as an adjective, verb and noun! “I felt rebellious and thought of you!” “I am totally rebelling!” “I spoke up and felt like a total rebel!” One of my favorite high school graduation gifts was a writing my dad’s boss and his wife gave me. One of the statements read something like: “Leave the world a bit richer than you found it.” This sentence spoke to me and stuck in my head. To each and everyone of us, a ‘richer world’ means something different. I personally love helping people feel stronger and empowered. I thrive on happy vibes. I firmly believe a better world demands a best version of each of us. Read more>>

Kendra Logan | Business Consultant, Success Advocate, Author

Legacy is so important to me. I think that every decision that we make and every action that we take in our lives should be considered with our legacy in mind. For me, life is all about love – love for ourselves, love for one another, and love for this life we have been granted. Especially in these unprecedented times, a little love can go a long way. That is what I want my legacy to be – LOVE. I want to be remembered as being a bright light in people’s lives and the world, someone who embodied kindness and love in everything she did – when helping others and just wanting to see others win, be successful, and become the best version of themselves. Read more>>

Kiyya Lewis | Success Enthusiast | Business Owner | Community Server

When I think of my legacy, I think of service; service in every aspect of the meaning. Service to others and to self in all that you do…actions, words and everything in between. I believe that if service is at the core of what you do it will almost always yield positive outcomes. I want people to remember that I always worked to shine a light on the path to success for all to see that it is possible. Success comes in many forms and no matter what it looks like for you, it is attainable. My purpose is to help others see their greatness and I strive to do so through daily service to myself and others. Read more>>

Melissa Ellis | CEO of Life Beyond Water Global Outreach

I want my legacy to be the people that my work has impacted. Whether it is a family that has benefited from clean safe drinking water or a young girl that can now go to school and learn instead of walking miles to fetch clean water. I want the words that I have spoken to encourage my fellow man to be the mantra that propels their next generation. The one thing I would like people to remember about me would be my heart. I want people to remember how I showed love through every area of my life. Truly seeing that love through service to other people. Read more>>