We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Yvette Gavin | Television Talk Show Host & Corporate Leadership Consultant

I want my legacy to be about my ability to believe for the fulfillment of my dreams against all odds and to act upon my faith to achieve the desires of my heart. I want people to remember that I didn’t quit nor did I cave in when life got hard. Instead I maintained my faith and that yield much success, joy, and peace for me. My legacy is indeed all about strong faith and an ability to love others. Read more>>

Ariany Calles | CEO/ Hecho a Mano ATL & Jewelry Designers

Hecho a Mano ATL is a dream that began more than 20 years ago in Venezuela. I grew up in a matriarchy where women had important family responsibilities but in Venezuela a very macho country where women suffered injustices due to culture but were very capable and intelligent. So I decided to start studies that will help me understand and help women to be emotionally and economically independent. When I arrived in this country I noticed that what I believed was very Venezuelan was worldwide. Female segregation and non-equality. So I decided to create a space where I help women to create companies and develop their identity by guiding them and making them part of a community. In this work I hope this will be the legacy to the world. Read more>>

Brandi Fox | Start Up Strategist & Serial Entrepreneur

Leaving a positive legacy is the catalysts to my determination of being a successful entrepreneur. For my children I want to leave a legacy of wealth and life knowledge. I want my children to know the importance of hard work, authenticity, loyalty, and integrity. Even though like others I do fall short in these areas at times, I include those shortcomings in the legacy that I plan to leave for my children. I embrace my mistakes as a lesson for them to understand that sometimes we can make mistakes, but those mistakes do not make us. For my family and friends I want to live a legacy of positivity. I try to live a balanced life full of things that make me happy including God, family and friends, entrepreneurship, food and travel. Read more>>