We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Danielle Latrice | Mindset Strategist & Author

I want my legacy to be that I created a narrative in the world for self-love, purpose, and healing. My purpose in life is to add to the current conversations and inspire others to spend more time nurturing these areas in their lives. My education and life experiences have taught me that lacking in self-love, purpose, or emotional freedom will eventually cause chaos in your life and become a barrier to your next evolution. Hence, this thought process became the core belief behind starting my business, She’s Affirmed. Read more>>

Dr. Helene Okpere | Emergency Medicine Physician & Social Media Influencer/Creator

During one of my residency interviews, I was actually asked this question. What do I want my legacy to be? I broke it down into 3 parts: I wanted to be known for how well I took care of my patients, for being fearless in the way that I advocate for others along with being fearless when it comes to trying new things, and lastly, for being intelligent while also knowing how to be a leader, be innovative, and be creative. My goofiness and sense of humor is an added perk. Read more>>

Annette Prophete | Entrepreneur

When I think about legacy, the word that comes to mind is impact. A.MeanGirl Collection inspired by the film tells the story of how Cady Heron went out her way to break down the confidence of Regina George, The Mean Girl. No matter the prank, no matter the insult or attempt of humiliation, Regina stood confident through it all. This is the impact I envision for all my current and future consumers to embody. So what I would love for the brand to be remembered for is that same Regina George confidence. Whether, you’re reclaiming it, or have it and the garments are just a booster. I want my legacy to provide generations of confidence in which can not be broken. Read more>>

Audra “DJ Reality” Murrell | CEO – Behind The Spins LLC, V.P. – Local Traffic Only Music Group LLC & A&R/Head of Marketing – The Stachehaus

At the time of my demise, I would like for my legacy to be one where the people who have gathered, will say that I gave way more than we truly realized. That they remembered that I wanted the best for those I loved and that everyone has at least one inappropriate story, a story that showed either true human nature and one of empathy. I would want people to remember that I gave love openly and just wanted the same in return. I want my legacy to be one of knowledge, not only for myself but I wanted to educate about the music business & but also learn from it to help indie artists. Read more>>

Jaketta Harris | Holistic Wellness Entrepreneur

My legacy will be to help each person I touch with my business to see, feel, and know their beauty from within. Their beauty as a whole being. To help them be their unique self unapologetically and always walk with their head held high and crown on straight. Whether it be through my products, services, conversation, or visual representation through my own life story. I want to help anyone who comes in my path to love and admire themselves and every aspect that made them who they are. Mind, Body, and Spirit. Read more>>

Patrice Royale | Author -Speaker- Transformationist

I want my legacy to be that she had heart. Throughout history, all change agents had this one thing in common, Heart. It was their heart, their belief in self that every action, big or small would have impact. I want my legacy to be the same. I want people to know that no matter what life through at me,.. I kept trying, I kept failing..and I kept getting back up. I want people to know that it’s not about where you come from, who you know, what you do that determines who you are.. it’s you. It’s your choices, your decisions but most importantly your hear that makes you.. you. Read more>>

Samantha Reavis | Culinary Enthusiast, Chef & Commentary Extraordinaire

After dealing with so much loss this past year, I want my legacy to be honest and generous. I want people to remember Sam as being 100% authentic. Authentic to herself, to love and to her craft. Despite an incredibly painful loss, I strived to stay authentic in what I created and in what I allowed myself to feel and grow through. Read more>>