We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Ashton Marshall | LGBTQ+ Motivational Life Coach

I want my legacy to be how I defied the odds and became successful at creating positive change in my community. I want my legacy to tell the story about how I overcame what should have destroyed me and never used the hate of the world to dim the shinning light that is within me. Read more>>

Clydaijah Woods | Traveling Makeup Artist & Entrepreneur

I want my supporters, and people in general to be able to remember me as a “goal getter “, a female that wasn’t afraid of the “what -ifs” . Read more>>

LaTasha Woods | Author, Civil Servant, Financial Literacy

I want my legacy be that I positively impact the lives of others. I lived a life of character and faith. I want people to remember that I wanted to always add value to other people. Read more>>

Tracy Stephens | Founder of BLK Hiking Club

It has been a while since I have been asked this question. I use to think that legacy was based on how much money you attain within your lifetime, but I have learned that it is deeper than that. Read more>>

Javenna Bellinger | Children’s Author

I would like for my legacy to be that I am a great Storyteller with the ability to motivate the youth to learn. Read more>>

Denise Tichenor-Davis | International Gospel/Inspirational Artist, Radio and Television Personality, CEO of RevNation, LLC

I want my legacy to inspire others to follow their passion(s). I want my legacy encourage other independent music artists to learn the music industry enough to maintain their power and much of their revenue. Read more>>