We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Andrew Binger | Actor & Director | Artistic Director; Yendor Theatre Company

For the work I do in the City of Newark, community is a vital part of it. For instance, when we first started we were still working through what our mission would be. Read more>>

King Midas | Producer/Engineer

Radio Galaxy believes in being yourself and being creative. Creativity is the highest form of intelligence, and we try to inspire people to be creative and push forward. Don’t be afraid to try different things and bring something new to the world. Read more>>

Latasha McAlpine | Entrepreneur and Brand Owner

I give 10% of all sales from both my brands to organizations that help victims of human trafficking. Hopefully, as I expand and grow my business, I will be able to give an even greater percentage. Read more>>

Mia Shaw | Yoga

My business help my community because a lot of my business go to my community I love giving away a lot of stuff to help kids and adults to be entrepreneur and my community. Read more>>

Emerald Bonds | Fan Services Executive & Photobooth Owner

Photo booths have always been an extra layer of fun and they are perfect for ANY event! They provide awesome experiences, instant connections, and lasting memories. In today’s times, a few moments of cheesing, laughing, and just pure fun is what we all need! PhotoBonds allows you to forget about all of your worries and just enjoy the now! Read more>>

Julita Sanders | Founder/Executive Director

Juvenile Offender Advocate provides a voice to the voiceless. We advocate on behalf of the marginalized youth who are currently in the juvenile court system. Most of these youth are dealing with unresolved trauma. Read more>>

S. Mobley | Author, Publisher, CEO of 2woScoopsPublished.com

My hopeful impact is to bring children of color to the forefront in children’s books. Not only that, but I also want to help children and parents bring their dream of becoming a writer/author to reality. Read more>>

Nick Heyward | Visionary

We live in a climate where everyone is searching for a place where they can belong and a group that they can identify with. Cornerstone Fellowship provides a place where all people are welcome. Read more>>

Gary Childress Jr. | Owner & Founder

One of our mottos is “Organic, Informative, Affordable.” At Elect Essentials LLC we want to provide the highest quality “primary” health solutions from teas to seeds, from toothpaste to spices, organic is our standard. I say primary because herbs, teas, spices, and oils should not be the alternative but the chief diagnosis for our infirmities. Read more>>

Amanda Muhammad | MAED, Youth Advocate

RealClassE is my nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to promote competence, confidence, and build connections for underserved minorities ages 9-99 within the community. Read more>>

Terri Ann Heiman | Spiritual Counselor/Mentor, Reiki Master and Energy Medicine Teacher

My work in the Healing Arts as an Energy Medicine Practitioner/Teacher/Mentor helps to broaden the capacity for wholeness in health and wellness. It opens up the way in which we view healing on all levels. Read more>>