We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Savannah Ellis | Professional Boudoir Photographer

I want my legacy to be remembered as a woman who fought for other women, someone who pushed and inspired other women to do what they thought was impossible. A woman who lead other women to reach goals, love themselves, believe in themselves, and someone who always showed kindness no matter what! Read more>>

Diego Garcia | Artist

I would like my legacy to entail a lot of things. I mean it is such a loaded question but I would like my legacy aside from the intellect and emotions I leave behind in my paintings to be that I gave it my best. That I was a genuine and passionate person who tried to make real artwork that moved people… that challenged them to think and feel, you know? That I was ten toes down about the honesty in my artistic voice till the casket. I would like my little brother to look at my work when I am gone and still hear my voice and feel my presence. Or anyone to look at my work and feel that for that matter. Read more>>

Harrison Dolan | Musician

If you had asked me this question a couple of years ago, I probably would have said that I want to be remembered as one of the best singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalists in the world. I feel like people get caught up in trying to be the best at something. I used to really struggle with having this state of mind, and I still do too. It would often lead to feelings of inadequacy when I was around drummers that were better than me or singers that had more experience or jazz musicians that can really play, etc. Read more>>

Luco Pierre | Actor & Realtor

If there are two things I want my legacy to establish they would be: 1) Double down in pursuing your visions and passions and, 2) Enjoy the roles you get to play in the lives of those you interact with wholeheartedly. I want to be remembered as a man that was both passionate yet compassionate. Remember me for being relentless in all my endeavors while inspiring all who watch me to feel that their days ahead will be better. Read more>>

Voncille. Y Chaney | Founder & Career Coach/ Author

I want to be remembered as someone who empowered people to Master Life! Read more>>

Keisha Taylor | Owner Broker

I would like my legacy to be that I made a difference in the lives of others by helping them accomplish stability in the life of their family. Read more>>

Anthony Taylor | Hiphop artist, artist Development , CEO of MMR Records

I want people to know that I applied god and hustle to all my situations. When that happened everything attached to me won. I’m entering my winning season! Read more>>

Ebony Murray | Caterer & Private Chef

I want my legacy to be that I went after what I wanted in life. I want people, especially my future children and family, to always remember that I was not afraid to work for what I wanted (even with risks) and that there’s always a blessing in walking in the lane God sets out for you. I want to be remembered as a woman who was someone who you could vent to, a woman who would help in the time of need, and a woman who genuinely loved people. Read more>>

Terry Harden II | Husband, Father, Content Creator, and social media influencer

I think about this question often. For so long I had no idea what my purpose was and/or what impact I would make in this world. Once I figured it out, it was a game changer. I realized I want people to look at me and be inspired. Be inspired in their weightloss journey, inspired to be great parents, and inspiried to spread love and be overall just great human beings. Read more>>

Jessi Lestelle | Executive Producer & Host of Good Grief, Jessi LLC

Legacy. It’s a word typically reserved for the likes of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. How often do we forget that anyone is capable of a legacy. While I’ve pondered on what my legacy may be, I’ve landed on one world that encompasses it all. My legacy will be simply this: living. Yes, I know, this sounds like I have sarcastically high goals, but bear with me. I want to be remembered for living for myself, for those I love, for the people that I can help, and in the name of my family and friends that I have lost. Read more>>

Tiaira Poe | Makeup artist

I want people to remember me as a good person and hardworker. I want my kids to always remember how hard I worked for them. Read more>>

Re’Nauta Bell | Commercial Real Estate Advisor

What I want the world to remember about me is that I absolutely love what I do. Helping the great state of Georgia attract and retain businesses is my goal, and I always put my client first. On a day-to-day basis, I literally get to find businesses a place to call home. I have a big heart and I am passionate about business but, more importantly, I am passionate about helping minorities learn about and enter the commercial real estate industry. Read more>>

Ashley Burks | Detox Specialist & Investor

Legacy can be defined as a gift by will. We all have the opportunity to leave behind a special gift for those who proceed us. The legacy I intend to leave behind will include a blueprint to true spiritual enlightenment and generational wealth. I would like people to remember that I dedicated my life to helping individuals obtain spiritual and financial success. Read more>>