We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Braylin Hardin | Chef

I want people to remember for helping others. As chefs, people think we’re selfish and arrogant but most chefs have some of the biggest hearts anybody could have. I love teaching and I also love giving back to my community. A lot of people are going to remember me as the chef, but i want people to mainly remember me for what I did for my culture and for my community. Read more>>

Brittany Madison | Entrepreneur

I want the world to remember me as an authentic, genuine, creative- DOER. I’ve always been willing to take risks, bet it all on myself, and at least give it a try. Being courageous and following the path to your isn’t always easy. However, I always keep in mind that we never know what we’re capable of, unless we take that first step and go for it. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, nor have I consistently been encouraged with every endeavor, but resilience has taken me the furthest. In the end, I hope that I am able to inspire others to follow their dreams. Read more>>

Ashley Smith | Author & Motivational Speaker

I want my legacy to be an inspiration to young black children. In my first children’s book, Makayla’s Blues: Hip-Hop You Never Stop, I left a dedication to the children in my family that stated, “Your name and your legacy are what you own. Leave something meaningful and powerful behind.” I left that message because I want them to hold themselves accountable for having a purpose. No matter what they may face, their goal should be to leave something that makes this world better. Each of my books tells a story of a black child on a magical journey that challenges them to believe in themselves and be confident that they can do whatever they want in life.  Read more>>

Will Focus | Brand Designer, Illustrator, Photographer

It’s an interesting question. I always feel most people want to know what it is someone would like to do for their career or maybe what they see themselves doing in the future; however, I ask and answer this for myself all the time. I want my legacy to be one that fosters growth built on systems that I created from the ground up. I want my legacy to be one of breaking generational curses, leaving something self sustainable for my family, and to be remembered as someone who never hesitated to lend a helping hand. Read more>>

Selena robinson | Cosmetologist & entrepreneur

When being asked about what I want my legacy to be I think about the Tupac Shakur poem a Rose That Grew From The Concrete. I want people to remember how hard I worked for everything I got. I Growing up in Detroit with a single mom I always looked to mine as Superwoman. She raised two children, worked, two jobs and moved us out of the city, all the while making it look so easy. I took that mentality I saw growing up and decide that I could be Super woman too, because anything can be achieved through hard-work. While running my beauty brand, doing hair, and being a full time social media influencer may look easy it is HARD. Read more>>

Chinwé Salisa | Astrologist & Psychic

In the words of The Great Muva Bey, I want the world to know “I WAS HERE! I lived. I loved… I did – I’ve done everything that I wanted and it was more than I thought it would be…” I want people to know I left this earth fulfilled and happy because I followed my own inner compass. Read more>>

Dionne Perry | Credit-Litologist, Author/Speaker

I want my legacy to be that I cared about others special our youth. I want others to remember that I gave it my all and tried my best to equip our youth for generational wealth. Read more>>