We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

615mxb | Music Producer

I want my legacy to be that I am remembered not just as a first-rate music producer, and not just as an excellent designer, but as an ambassador for my city and people as well. That is why I put the area code “615” in my name. I have a genuine love for where I grew up and nothing can come between that. It is my home. Read more>>

Dr. Dionne L. Boyd “The Money Chick” | Image and Business Consultant & Coach, Experiential Marketer, Motivational Speaker and Education Architect

I would like my legacy to be defined as the impact that I was able to make on others which led them to make a positive change, grow, develop in some way, take a calculated risk or encourage them to make a better informed decision about something in their life. I am a global educator with a lot of knowledge to share and it’s important for me to do just that. I don’t judge, instead I aspire to empower and gift others with knowledge that I hope can challenge their minds and thought processes. Read more>>

Shikyla Whitaker | Master Braider & Educator

I would want my legacy to be inspiring to future generations of braiders. I want to be remember as a go-getter, dedicated, humble and hardworking person who decided to use her hustle and skills to change her life. Read more>>

Robin Spence-Vanderford | Stationer/Graphic Designer

Wow, I will try to sum this up in as few words as possible. I want people to keep God first, keep doing the right thing and trust His plan. We face many challenges in life. No one desires to be a widow with two kids in college, but that is where I am. There have been many times that I could have given up and thrown in the towel, but I’ve kept pushing through. In navigating life with the cards I’ve been dealt, I hope others who may find themselves in the same (or similar) situation see that with Christ many things are possible and just don’t give up. I want people to remember that I trusted His plan even when it didn’t make sense to me and seemed daunting. Read more>>