We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Tisha Rosamond | Bakery Owner

For the first part of my career I was interested in personal growth, monetary reward and pleasing senior management. And I was good at it. I gathered accolades and was an example of success. But something was missing and I was always seeking the next rush from a new achievement. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, at the height of my success I found myself working for someone I didn’t connect with and suddenly my career was no longer the interesting place it once was. The sense of satisfaction was missing. I had to ask why that was. What was missing? Doing some digging into myself I realized that it wasn’t achievements that drove me, it was connections. I needed something that was more about people. Read more>>

Sarah Hanson | Photographer

I want my legacy to revolve around how I have made the couples, families, and individuals I serve feel. I believe one of the post important parts of being a business owner and photographer is how you serve your clients. Of course, delivering beautiful images is so important; but my goal is to also make everyone I serve feel comfortable, beautiful/handsome, and free to be themselves even though I have a camera pointed at them. I always take the time to get to know my clients and really understand what makes them tick. This is so I can authentically capture who they are in a way that is carefree and genuine. I hope that I am remembered by how I made them feel during their time with me. I also want my clients to look at their pictures years from now and remember how much they adore the people in the images. Read more>>

Jasmin Soto | Organization founder & Business owner

I want my legacy to be that I helped people with my organization. I want Organizations Helping The world to impact as many communities as it can too. I want my legacy to help people realize they can help anyone with just their minds and hearts. I want people to remember that I was for the people and the community. I think you should live by what you believe in and I want people to remember that If I could start a non-profit that they can too do whatever they set their mind too. Read more>>

Daya Brown | Poet. Creator. Transformer. Co-Founder of Scholar Social

A legacy is not just something you leave for another. Legacy is the cultivation of thought, gift, and power that all coincide with the execution of a movement that all will soon follow. When I think of the legacy that I will one day leave to the hands of many, I believe that it will be a form of euphoria, leaving their hearts, minds, and souls wanting more after reading or listening to my words. As well, even watching my words and visions come to life on a screen. To those who decide to listen, I hope this feeling will leave my audience to force their dreams into becoming a reality. Read more>>