We asked some fantastic parents from in and around the city to tell us about the most important thing they have done as parents.

Shamere DeMolle | Creator of The Braid Bib

The most important thing I’ve done as a parent in terms of the impact on my children was leaving the nursing field to become a stay-at-home mom now a self-employed entrepreneur. It helped me develop deep relationships with my children. I was able to give my time and attention to their education, health, and overall well-being. I used my educational background to homeschool them before it became a non-negotiable during the pandemic. My children were able to adjust well to the changes we encountered with COVID-19 in 2020. Read more>>

Kasheena Griner | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

As a single parent raising a black son, one thing I wanted to ensure to do was raise an emotionally intelligent human being. I wanted to ensure my son had the emotional tools to be a whole person that knew what it felt to express himself with any given emotion. Growing up in the south, I found that silencing children and not giving them the proper voice was just the thing to do. “Shut up and be quiet.” “Nobody asked you how you felt.” I wanted to do just the opposite. No, tell me how you feel. If you’re hurting, cry about it. It is okay. I wanted to parent different. Read more>>

Kristen Brown | Owner of Gold Label Cosmetics

As a parent, I constantly remind myself to pencil in family time. I’m so used to creating a outline of the day that surrounds all my tasks. Closing my laptop and putting my phone down have become a new priority for me. She has helped me become mindful of my “multi-tasking.” That freedom to enjoy family time has been refreshing. Read more>>

Kiamani Robey | Author, Vegan Chef & CEO of The Veggie Sunflower

As a parent, I’ve had to be very creative. My children are sixteen years apart and while they were born in very different decades, they still require the same love and care. Throughout my adulthood I worked two jobs, whether part time or fulltime and being away from my eldest made it difficult to truly connect. I decided a few years back that I would focus on writing and cooking while fostering a creative medium to working and parenting. This gave way to full time entrepreneurship. I believe the decision to become a full time business owner has helped me connect deeper with my children. Read more>>

Lacrisha Thomas | Money Coach

As a parent i think one of the most important things ive done that has made an impact is teaching my son to never give up on your dreams and leading by example. My Mission as a parent has always been to teach him the life skills, i wasnt taught while we grow and learn together. I believe children need to be taught mindset, self-discpline, commitment, character, integrity. Every Football , Basketball game from age 6 until now 17 i show up as his biggest cheer leader. Read more>>

Robin Robinson | Fine Artist

I’ve let them know through my actions that you don’t have to only be one thing in this life. Before kids, I was in Banking Marketing. Then we had children and I became an at-home mom. When both my disabled child and over-achiever child became self-sufficient, I began on the path I’m on now. I remember looking around at my life at that time thinking, “I guess that’s it…I’m done with that job, I don’t get anything else.” So, I really thought, what do i want to be when I grow up? And the answer was that I had always wanted to be an artist but lacked the courage to go for it. After that realization, I began creating art every day, because it dawned on me, if you want to be an artist-you have to actually create art. Read more>>