We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Constance Chatmon | Executive Director

I’m inspired by children. They are our future. As a child who lost her single Mother at the age of thirteen and watching her take her last breathe, but promising her I would make her proud before passing. I was in and out of foster homes, but decided to work, pay rent, and go to school at the age of 16. Life hasn’t been easy and I felt my childhood was taken from me. I promised myself that no child would that I’m around will ever have to want to play go hungry, or feel that them being different is wrong. Read more>>

Alivia Wynn | Writer

As a writer, I can’t wait for inspiration to strike or else I’ll be stuck staring at a blank page for hours. Instead I have to consider every moment as an opportunity for inspiration. Recently, a lot of my inspiration has come from today’s political climate. It seems like every day there’s more and more violence and division in the news, and I can’t ignore that. As a result, I make it a point to shed light on the experiences of marginalized groups. It can be hard to share my real fears and lived experiences, but if my stories and poems can help educate even one person, it’s worth it. Read more>>

David Fullwood | President & Co-Founder of WE r GroupEx, INC.

I am extremely fortunate to have had some many great, wise, and wonderful role models in my life. My inspiration is founded upon what I’ve learned from my grandparents and mother. I learned at an early age to seek inspiration to start the engine. Seek information and learn from those that came before you and have learned so much during their journey. My grandparents were amazingly instrumental by inspiring me to never give up, avoid being bitter, being kind, friendly, staying humble and appreciative of all I have and believing in myself and others. My mother is my support system and breathes inspiration into me. I’m inspired by what I read and what I see. The amazing accomplishments of others and the resiliency they have inspires me to face the challenges and know that following your passion always prevails. I’m inspired by the ambition of others and their unyielding commitment to be the best version of themselves. People inspire me. The human spirit inspires me. Positivity inspires me. I believe inspiration is quite different from motivation in that the latter has to come from within. Inspiration often comes from above. Read more>>

Cory R | Musician & Apparel Business Owner

All my life I’ve been inspired by art. Something my mother passed on to me in many forms whether it’s film, music or photography. It’s something that allows us to be more than who we are. Read more>>

Nicholas Grier | Fashion Model, Designer, Creative Director, Stylist

I am inspired by Life, I have a deep love for sceneries and observing objects, people, emotions, and just being open minded to allow my mindset to grow, If you allow your mind to grow and not be close minded, you can process things easier and get inspired by everything. Sometimes I would think to myself is the term “inspired” similar to the basic term knowledge? Due to the fact that whatever inspires me I gain knowledge and Incorporate whatever I learn to allow me to grow as a creative individual, Being a Creative you should always be open to let anything inspire you. Read more>>