One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Denise Fleck | The Pet Safety Crusader

My muses are my dogs, especially those older grey muzzled faces! Their unconditional love makes me want to do more to help them live their best lives. I find dogs to be old souls, wise and patient, and we can learn so much from them if we just take time to be in the moment like they are: to really feel the breeze brush gently across our face and ruffle our hair, to notice how gracefully the autumn leaves dance to the ground, the amazing once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece each sunrise and sunset creates, and to take time gazing into those warm brown, green or other colored canine eyes and see that all they want to do is please. So many pieces of my heart are now in heaven having had to say goodbye to the most precious and loyal friends and family members…my dogs. Read more>>

David Kowalski | Vintage shop owner, candle maker, designer and Airbnb host

I would say travel inspires the me the most. Experiencing different cultures and perspectives really helps me break out of the normal design mentality and see how other people value design. I lived in China for a bit and they taught me so much about valuing history and culture and I think that really played into my design work and my appreciation for all things old. Read more>>

Marlan Ballard Comedian

I was inspired by a plethora of things growing up. I watched alot of things I wasn’t supposed to be watching. Things like Beavis and butthead, Eddie murphy movies, and in living color were my go to when it came to getting a laugh. Read more>>

Jenn Cathers | Photog for badass babes

My motivation comes from bad-ass women, who are searching for a transformation; not just the physical transformation but a total overhauling of how they view themselves. It’s time for women to see themselves the way their family and friends see them: beautiful, powerful, fearless, and strong. I love watching the power in women who are realizing their own divine femininity right in front of me; as they turn from awkward to empowered beauty through loving their own bodies. I believe it’s the experiences that emerge in a comfortable and safe session that remind us who we really are. Life is beautiful, but it’s also busy and sometimes gets the best of us. This experience reminds you who you are. That inspires me. Read more>>