We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Lisa Rissmiller | Artist

Water made me an artist. I grew up in it. As an infant my family moved from the city of Atlanta to the suburbs. We settled in a ranch style house with a pool. I swam before I could walk. Vacations always included rivers, lakes, oceans, or hotels with pools. I have never felt at home far from a body of water. I am fascinated by the way it feels against my skin, the sound it makes splashing, lapping, and rolling, the way it lives through movement, the different smells of different bodies of water, and the quiet solitude that can be found within it. As an artist I share my experience and explore the nature of fluidity through the element of water. It is a reoccurring theme in my work, either through the use of specific colors and images or the movement of the paint across the surface. Read more>>

Wave$ | Videographer & Music Artist

I’m inspired by the people around me (VampLife) . By my drive and belief that one day I will be exactly where I want to be. I do not necessarily strive for fame but for something that will keep me O.K. When I say keep me ok I mean I wake up smiling and like I can conquer the world. The people around me keep me on my toes and my family give me the support I need to keep going. More recently I’ve been gaining fans who I don’t personally know and they inspire me as well. They make me want to keep making music and doing what I’m doing when I have those doubts, like every artist. Young people also keep me inspired. I know I am not too old myself but young kids make me feel like they’re who I have to work for. Who I have to make something shake for. They inspire me the most to make a difference where I can. Read more>>

Joe Freeman | Author, Youth Motivator, Business Owner and Educator

Everything and everywhere! I know it sounds like a cliché but I will just start with what my early inspiration looked like, in my house. Imagine, being at your grandmother’s house and seeing every wall in the house covered with black and white pictures of men, women, and children, of various ages, some looking very familiar others you can’t place their faces at all. Then you are lucky enough to have a great-grandmother and grandmother that took very little joy in sharing their childhood memories with other, especially a hyper active kid like myself . So like most small children with huge dreams and very little access, you created your own stories about the world. I would lay on my back for hours, as a kid, watching airplanes fly above my house time and time again, imagining where they were going or where they had been. Read more>>

Kristine Cooke | Event Planner & Designer

As an event designer and planner, I have the opportunity to work with so many artists in my own industry. From florists to textile brands, specialty furnishing companies to film photographers, the list of creatives that I am able to collaborate with and watch hone their own craft inspires me constantly. Conceptualizing an event, curating the team, choosing all of the aesthetic elements–at each level, I have the chance to be inspired by those around me that help make the vision come to life. In my day-to-day life, I find inspiration in the visual arts, music, home design, architecture, fashion… the list goes on and on. My family also sparks creativity and pops ideas into my brain, whether it’s watching my Creative Director husband flesh out a branding concept or coloring with my daughter in our driveway. Read more>>

Jasmine Thomas | Actress & Teaching Artist

I’m inspired by everything! That’s such a generic answer, but it’s true. I’m inspired by the people I meet or those who are already in my life, nature, history, reading, watching a movie, the world we’re living in now…the list goes on! Oftentimes, I’ll use those inspirations in creating art or remembering that experience or feeling for my next role. Read more>>

Devotis Lee | D Cafe and Catering LLC

I’m inspired by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. People that help push and motivate others without a team behind them. People that are willing to stand up for people regardless of a large audience or not. Read more>>