We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Tiffany Henry | Real estate agent

My Granny: She was a great beloved woman. She taught me how to respect people and to fear God, to love my family. Addie taught me how to be a leader ,and hard work, and that doing right always trumps nepotism and friendships in order to be successful. Life has obstacles and perseverance is key. Read more>>

Zoë Williams | Artist, Designer, Illustrator

I’m inspired by tons of different things, all of the time! I draw a lot of inspiration from nature. I love landscape painting, and looking at all of the different biomes and beautiful spaces and creatures that exist on our planet. I’d say its easiest for me to be inspired when I’m exploring somewhere outside. But on rainy days, I also find inspiration in art history, in music, and my friends. Read more>>

SoNek | Confectionist, Streamer & Cosplayer

I am inspired by pretty much anything and everything around me; from holidays and birthdays to events and celebrations, I love to think of different designs and creations to then bring it to life in the form of my confections. Read more>>