One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

NEELMA PATEL | Chef/Culinary Instructor

I get inspired by especially because it plays a major role in so many aspects of our entire being, From the well being of our bodies to the way it impacts economies around the globe, it is one medium that is also part of our daily routine. I love learning about new ingredients, global cuisines and the journey of food in history. Read more>>

Porche Madre | CEO of PM Media & Marketing CEO of Sticky Fingers Press on Nails

I’m inspired most by my mom and her love for Jesus. Because of him she has changed the lives of so many people around her. Waking up every day to be a blessing to others and her community. Letting her light shine by remaining positive no matter what the circumstances. Educating people about God without bible thumping or judging others. Feeding the homeless, ministering to the sick, volunteering her time at the Salvation Army are all things I grew up on thanks to her. She inspired me to strive to help others and expose people to God. Read more>>

Madi Mitchell | Character Designer & Illustrator

I am inspired by people: their stories, and the stories they enjoy. People make for an incredibly rich subject matter, and as a character focused illustrator, I get the chance to explore that richness for the characters I create. Because humans have been around for so long, there are so many stories to be told, and explored. Even stories that may have been told 1000 times over can have a completely new spin depending on who is telling the tale. Character design allows me to tell a person or creature’s story through their design. Read more>>

Alexsa Dobbs | Professional Esthetician

There are so many things that I could name which inspires me, but I’m most inspired by financial freedom & generational wealth/health & sharing that with others. Creating an industry that inspires others that live in a fearful mindset, as I once was, to go after their dreams as well! It’s all obtainable if you put your mind to it! Read more>>

Kali Lewis | Production company CEO & Actor

What inspires and or drives my success is my family of creatives who don’t believe in having a fall back plan. Growing up with a father who is the owner and lead bass player of one of the longest running reggae bands in history “Inner Circle’ and a mother who is the backbone of the whole family’s success. I mean she is a true super mom! Growing up she signed me up for every extra curricular activity and drove me to every single audition. Also, being the baby of the family watching all my siblings make their BIG dreams come true. That pressure of being “up next” is very much felt and over here pressure definitely makes diamonds. So in short my biggest inspiration is my family who has shown me what success looks like and continuously empowers me to not give up on my goals even when it gets hard and feels unobtainable. “I don’t have a fall-back plan, because when I fall I don’t want to fall back, I want to fall forward” -Denzel Washington Read more>>

Celine & Sharon Chan | Food Enthusiasts

We are inspired by our parents. As immigrants, they taught us how to live and love our Chinese culture in America. We were truly born to be foodies. Our parents both work in the food industry, as a chef and a server, and have always encouraged us to be curious and adventurous – especially when eating! Growing up, we were able to experience the melting pot of food from different cultures of our community, while also learning about our heritage through home cooking lessons. Now living in new cities, we are constantly looking for our next big bite – always excited to share new spots with the family the next time they visit. Read more>>