We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Enimini “MeMe” Obong | Property Manager & Event Coordinator Specialist

As the Property manager of Stone Mountain Mall I am inspired by the fact. I no longer manage people for corporations. But individual’s and families and entrepreneur’s . I get inspired by helping people go from employees to business owners. I get to use my incredible professional background to help see small business from 106 sqft stores to 2000sqft stores to free standing business owners. And I, I am apart of their success. That makes me truly happy. Read more>>

Reggie Griffin | Visual Artist

What inspires me most are the women in my family. I have seen them all face many difficulties in life, and manage to stay strong and overcome obstacles placed before them. Also, ever since I was young, animals and nature have been one of my major interest of mine. I have spent dozens of hours watching National Geographic and Safari explorations seeing different landscapes and animals. Read more>>

C-Heights Music | Hip Hop & Soul Artists

I think like our culture growing up in the church and hip hop in general! We don’t stray to far from our beliefs and make good solid music for the soul. Read more>>

Sherie Phillips | Business Consultant & Author

I am inspired by the life that I want to live versus the one I’ve come from. I already know what it feels like to go without. I know what it’s like to not know if you can afford to eat or choosing between a doctor visit co-pay and dinner. I’m inspired by not having to choose. So I decide to do whatever I need to do in order to have the opportunity to afford normality in my life as well as that of my family. I’ve always said “everybody is one paycheck away from the unemployment line.” My goal has always been to get as far away from that narrative as possible. Read more>>

Yaco | Music Artist & Entertainer

Im inspired by life experiences which help make up 70% percent of my music. Film and entertainment I grew up on also is a big part that really inspires me the most. The nostalgia of something and how it connects to my generation. Read more>>