One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Love My Beauty | Wellness platform

As Christians, we are inspired daily by God and His word. The Bible has so much gems on the functioning and the prosperity of businesses. We are also inspired by strong women such as our Mothers, Oprah, Mary W.J , Assa Traoré. Women who know who they are. Women who know what they want. Women who break stereotypes and redefine images of different industries. We are inspired by what we have around us and what we experience on a daily basis as young women in this new generation. Women who communicate to us the desire for success and show us that nothing is impossible and that with courage and determination we can be outstanding entrepreneurs. Read more>>

Jason Clarke | CEO & Co-Founder

Gaming and technology in general have always been a point of interest. My partner and I have a background in IT and we happen to be avid gamers, but most importantly we are a part of “Nerd Culture”. We were honestly inspired by the communities themselves to initiate this business. There is so much that video games can provide to the average person and there is so much to learn from video games as well. We wanted to showcase and highlight that in our company and that is were our inspiration came from. Really, just showcasing and providing a safe space for people to put on display there ability. Read more>>

Derrick Sinclair | Credit Repair Specialist

I’m inspired by the thought of black wealth, black empowerment and black unity. I want to help educate my people on credit, finance and other areas we lack knowledge in so that we can prosper both individually and collectively. Most importantly, I want to help people rebuild their credit so that they can achieve their life goals and reach financial freedom/independence Read more>>