Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business.  So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

David Cone | Video Producer

If you are willing to look closely, success leaves clues. The most successful individuals I’ve encountered throughout my life, regardless of occupation or industry, all have one thing in common…they dedicate themselves completely to excellence. I started my own business to deliver the highest level of excellence possible, not only in product creation and service supplying, but in every aspect of operation. The decision to launch Cone Films was not without risk, and this lifestyle is not void of stress, but I had a crystal clear vision on what we could accomplish, and, so far, we’ve delivered on that vision, and beyond. Read more>>

Lindsey Holmes | Co-Owner

I have always loved being able to invest in people and help them to succeed. I am able to help our incredible team of agents build their businesses. There is no greater joy than watching their businesses take off. Similarly, to be able to have a small role. in the memories that our amazing clients make while vacationing…it is such a gift. So rewarding. It made sense to be able to couple these things together and opening Kingdom Destinations has been the best decision we could have ever made. Read more>>

Milan Mobley | Publicist & Business Coach

Of course, my thoughts are starting your own business is phenomenal. However, I also know it isn’t for everyone. Starting a business requires a lot of investment from time, money and energy. Having a business overall requires the (3) previously listed. The greatest part of having a business isn’t the freedom of not working for someone else – but the impact you are able to make. I think anyone that has a passion/purpose that’s designed for impact and is okay with making an investment in their time, money and energy go for it Read more>>

Andrea Pate | Visual Artist

I wanted to have a job that would give me independence and the ability to set my own schedule. I wanted to be my own boss and set a positive example to my children to chase after their dreams and to believe in themselves. My business provides me with an income while allowing me to create and do something I love. With this business, I am able to express myself all while teaching others to tap into their creativity. Read more>>

Jamika Smith | Upholstery Coach

For about 4 years as a stay at home mom, I had time to reflect on 3 important questions in my life, such as: Who Am I? Where Am I? and Where Am I Going? After really soul searching and pondering over these three questions. One day I came across a chaise lounge in the alley across the street from where I lived in Chicago, ILL. Something in my Spirit said, “Go get it!” and I did. My mother and I went across the street and carried that chaise lounge and brought it straight into the house. Read more>>

Michelle B. Woods | Boutique Owner & Film Wardrobe Buyer

I wanted to create a platform of something fresh to add to the online fashion marketplace. Not recreate the wheel, but add an option for minimalist trendy fashion…nothing flashy! We see enough of that. I feel like I’m in my prime years (40’s club) and it’s remarkable to see more women like myself making health and fitness a priority. So giving them fashion that will sustain year after year is priority. Read more>>