Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Haoua Mamoudou | Fashion Designer

I used to work as an admin associate in an INGO, but got tired of the repetitive tasks and assignments, I just didn’t fill fulfilled anymore. I had always wanted to work in fashion, but it seemed like a faraway goal. During the pandemic, not being to go anywhere, being stuck at home, I needed a creative outlet. Read more>>

Kaurie Raye | Owner of The K Kollection””

For me, candle making started out as a hobby that only helped with my anxiety and depression. Staying busy is the one thing that had kept me from going crazy and allowed my mind to be put at ease. I started with a simple, glass mug and just let my creative mind flow. Read more>>

Cassie Cope | CEO & Founder, Cassie Cope Consulting – Marketing Agency and Entertainment Production

I love this question. From a very young age, I knew I was going to be an entrepreneur. From selling banned candy on the school bus in elementary to constantly creating as a child I knew I wanted to have an impact someway somehow. Read more>>

Natasha Edwards | Founder of Natasha’s Thread, LLC Fashion PR Firm

Natasha’s Thread is a Fashion PR firm for fashion events. My goal is to build and maintain relationships in the fashion industry and assist in creating curated and exclusive fashion events. Read more>>

Candace Brown Portait Photographer | Portait Photographer

Coming from being in healthcare for the last 16 years, I knew that it was changing and not in a good way. The pandemic helped me realize that I needed to leave the systems that were in place that seemed to no longer be about helping and healing patients. Read more>>

Erik Scherb | Photographer

My thought process behind going into business for myself boiled down to wanting to hold on to my own signature style and create images that reflect my passion for photography. Read more>>

Akira Brown | Beauty Professional

I started out working in a hair store at 17 years old. After working there for awhile I realized how much I enjoyed doing my job. I enjoyed helping women feel beautiful. Sometimes I would get clients of my own and do hair after work or on my days off. I just loved the feeling and that’s when I knew the beauty industry was meant for me. Read more>>

Devon Walker | Clothing Company

My main reason for starting my company was because I never felt in place working for other companies. They never really gave you the chance for certain positions unless you knew somebody, or didn’t want to pay for the work you did without certain paperwork. Read more>>

JaVaughn Graves | Entrepreneur, American Rapper, Songwriter & Producer

I was born in a small town called Mansfield, OH. One of my earliest memories is my dad opening up a music store. We would walk to work in the mornings to open up shop, stopping for a gyro from the local deli on the way. Read more>>

LiXX Clothing | Rennette & Calina Kimbrough, CEOs

Honestly, we were in the midst of a pandemic. We were struggling to make ends meet and had to think quickly and creatively as to how to bring in additional income for our family. Read more>>

Lawanda Davis | Illinois Online Boutique Owner

I wanted to sell Affordable Clothing with great Quality. I’ve never been a materialistic girl or been into all the labels and stuff like that. It’s just not me. I do like to look pretty when I step out, to feel good, and all without living beyond my means. Read more>>

Cedrice Young | ThePianoBoss & Owner of Fancy Fingers Publishing, LLC

During the pandemic, I found myself suffering from academic burnout after graduating. I was unfulfilled with the standard classical repertoire of music I’d been playing for so long. I needed something new to inspire me. Read more>>

Keyanna Wilson | Clothing Brand CEO & Event Rental Owner

My thought process behind starting my own business developed at a very young age. I was always the leader in every aspect of my life, whether it was group assignments in class or the neighborhood double dutch or dance team. Everyone always looked to me for guidance. Read more>>

Da Buket List | Entertainment Agency

The concept of Da Buket List started from phone call. Dakhari and Kare were talking one day and Kare had a “throw out” idea proposing to start a podcast. When Dakhari asked him what he would name it, Da Buket List just immediately came to mind. Read more>>

Tina Mazzara | Owner, Artist and Creatrix

My father was an entrepreneur, so I watched as he followed his passions throughout my life. Early on, I followed in his footsteps but after a nasty divorce, I entered the corporate world. For years, I made money for other people denying the inner prompting I felt encouraging me to take a leap of faith. Read more>>

Mahogany Frazier | Licensed Esthetician

I’ve always knew I wanted to work for myself and become my own boss just didn’t know where to start. When i attended Elaine sterling institute my main focus was to learn how to do makeup because I wanted to to become a makeup artist and thought this would be the best way to do it. Read more>>

Cherisse Vanloo | Engineer and Permanent Makeup Artist

I initially considered to pursue permanent make-up after having had the procedure completed on myself. I started looking into the industry as a whole and seeing the transformations and testimonials of clients and I was drawn further into the industry. Read more>>

CasSandra Williams | CEO/Owner BlackLux & MyProductivityPlann

The thought process of creating BlackLux was to create a lifestyle brand that allowed individuals to celebrate their creative style with creative casual apparel. Regardless of individual’s size its all about loving who you are and be able to let personality standout with how you present yourself on a daily basis. Read more>>

Merry Ware | Licensed Professional Counselor, Author, and Speaker

I have worked in a variety of settings providing encouragement, support, spiritual guidance, coaching, and counseling to women facing challenges. My thought behind creating Survival 2 Victory was, “God what can I do to help all these women that are hurting? What is it that I can do to make a difference in their lives?” It was during that moment that it became clear to me what I needed to do. Read more>>

Freddie Milons | Fashion Designer, Photographer, Mental health advocate

3L3M3NT is my creative space where I release energy, good or bad. This space allows me to be emotional, vulnerable, happy, sad, etc., without judgment. My 3L3M3NT saved my life. Read more>>

Party PLANit Event Planning Services | Sheila, Emanda, & Christina – Creative Partners

We’ve always been the “Unofficial Party Planners” amongst our family, friends, and colleagues. Our home being a place where everyone felt welcomed and was the location you associated with enjoying some of the best laughs, amazing company and atmosphere, and tastiest food and drinks. Read more>>

Charlie Hawkins Kelsey Dejesus | C&K Beauty Bar Owners

Charlie: Honestly, I knew from a very young age that I always wanted to be in some type of business for myself. After high school my passion of makeup grew, where I started to build clientele and I knew that if anything was going to take me somewhere; makeup was going to be the start. Read more>>

Adriana Campos | Esthetician specialized in micropigmentation.

As someone that has been in the business for over 20 years in two countries, and 3 states, I wanted to open a place where I could do what I’ve always loved to do which is permanent makeup while also sharing the knowledge I’ve gathered through the years, which is why Endless Beauty Microblading, Read more>>

Christopher salute | CEO, Bold Holdings

I saw a need in the market that was definitely being unmet. It was a passion of mine and I thought “If I am going to work on a passion project… it should be something I will forever be passionate about.” Read more>>

SaQuana & Shante Brooks & Joseph | Cater

There were several factors behind the creation of Breakfast on the Run – NY Style. Beside the fact of being in the middle of a pandemic, we come from a long line of cooks.  Our grandmother expressed her love for us through cooking. Read more>>

Destiny Iris | Entrepreneur

I thought, am I crazy? What if I do all of this and it doesn’t work. Or I fail. Self-doubted a lot Read more>>

Niyi Adewole | Investor, Podcast Host, & Licensed Realtor Based In Atlanta

In 2015, I was blessed with an opportunity to join a fortune 300 healthcare company via an 18 month rotational development program. While in the program, I met individuals that had been with the company for 30+ years steadily climbing the ranks, and on the surface, this looked like the definition of success. Read more>>

Cortesia Oxford, The Branding Architect | Creative Director

So starting a business first starts with mindset. Before you get your logo, your website or instagram you need to have the right mindset that will make you push yourself when no one else is pushing you and teach you to invest in the growth of your brand over only spending money on inventory or things that won’t allow you to scale later. Read more>>

Jessica Pierson-Turner | Artist & Illustrator

Finch + Flourish began in 2019 as a creative outlet. I had been wanting to spend more of my time on creative pursuits, and had finally made the leap to quit my job to pursue a career in freelance design. Read more>>

Hydeia Downer | Cosmetics, Beauty

Since the age of 16 I always love wearing lashes wearing something long fluffy and cute but they would be expensive I couldn’t go to my mom and ask for $20.00 to buy a pair of mink lashes she would look at me like I was crazy. Read more>>

Uza Amadi | Founder & Creative Director

I started my business out of a desire for more for myself and everyone around me. I was a sophomore in college at the time, majoring in marketing and I had every intention of getting a 9-5 job doing fashion marketing in NYC after graduation. Read more>>

Lady Kay | Selling Self-love through fashion for BBW’s

When I first started Curvy Goddess back in 2016, it was for money. I had no clue what I was doing lol. I was just selling lip gloss as a hustle. I eventually faded away from it to pursue the American Dream (good career with benefits, house, etc.) but I wasn’t happy, and in 2020 I had a mental breakdown. Read more>>

Ray Harris | College graduate, entrepreneur & lover of people

I’ve worked since I was 16, and although while I’m still too young to be “tired”, I am. When I first started, I was thinking all about how this could be another source of income for me. Read more>>

Randazia Jones | Lash artist/ esthetician

My thought process behind starting my own business was “faith “ I had faith in myself , knowing that my business with be successful & that it will grow over time it just take patience . Read more>>

Octavia Bailey | Mom, Event Coordinator, Model, & Entrepreneur

I wanted to have something to leave behind for my kids to be proud of. Read more>>

Alicia Mason | CEO

The thought process behind starting my own business was the focus of my future and doing what I loved. I wanted the opportunity to create my own pursuit to embrace fashion and provide the service of helping others to embrace their own sense of fashion. Read more>>

Chelsea Underwood | CEO of Thee Chelsea Marie

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life thanks to my mother. I look at it as a way to express myself. Girls always compliment my outfits and have even suggested that I have my boutique. Read more>>

Cynthia Gibson | English Instructor & Entrepreneur

I never had a plan to start my own business, but it fell into my lap in an unexpected way. At the beginning of 2020 I quit my job working with APS that I absolutely loved to move to Peru to volunteer as an English teacher for a nonprofit. Read more>>

BjMonet | Hair Melodies Salon Owner and Certified Microblading Instructor

My thought process behind starting my own business was simply to have something of my own! having something that no one could take away from me and being able to leave a legacy behind for my children Read more>>

QK Douglas | Business Compliance and Brand Protection Attorney and Consultant

I grew up watching my family start their journeys or build businesses that just didn’t get the traction, money, or resources needed for longevity. I hated that for my family and others in my community. Read more>>

Oluwatoyin Adetunji | Owner/CEO

My thought process was turning my passion into profits. I am a coffee lover, but also enjoy specialty coffee. My career in healthcare allowed me discover coffee and I have since been able to seek out the benefits of great coffee so I decided to start a business where I can share my discovery with everyone. Read more>> 

Alana Lloyd | Entertainment company owner

Saucyy Alan Entertainment was stated from the idea that I own various talents and wanting to use them all. I knew I enjoyed creative directing from my dance career, social media and content creating was always something I enjoyed since the Mindless Behavior era. Read more>>

Shondricka Richardson | Dricka the Bartender

My thoughts behind me starting my own business was because of Covid19. I always wanted to start my own business but didn’t know what kind of business I wanted for myself. Read more>>

Tuesday Knight | Waistbead & Womb Priestess

The beautiful thing about Waist Me Knot is that it was very much like an unplanned pregnancy, lol. Where many people are looking to “birth” a new business, I was very much a mother of multiples already (business that it, follow me people) and couldn’t fathom beginning another with just a “hint” from spirit, Read more>>

Zakia Williams | Certified Personal Trainer

During my down time with Covid, I was able to use that leisure time to really exercise my mind and come up with alternative ways to gain income. I was fortunate enough to be able to sustain throughout the pandemic, but my eyes were opened to the need for a backup plan, for unplanned and uncontrollable events. Read more>>

Keea Daniel-Lance | Photographer

I started my business for two reasons. The first reason is a more personal reason. I was adopted when I was three years old along with 3 other siblings. When we were adopted, we did not have any photos of us before we were all placed in foster care. Read more>>

👑AURORO✨ ✨ASAAJAA💫 | Artist, Musician & Spiritual Healing Enthusiast

I had to observe people who were so loyal & devoted to their idols witness many of their idols be part of conflicting beliefs pertaining their intentions especially when it comes to income & integrity. It well-comes misguided people when they watch people pursue endeavors from in need of clout or the need for resources. Read more>>