We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Betsy McLeod | Artist & Entrepreneur

In 2020, I moved from California to Charleston to continue my career in restaurants. I found that the labor practices were comparatively unethical. I was also making less money! So I chose to start creating something that would maybe sell. It sort of caught on, and I ended up pursuing it more seriously. Read more>>

W R E C K A | Artist & Producer

Being humble. Humble has kept me overlooked in situations that I was over qualified for. Humility is a amazing characteristic to have, which in all points to staying grounded, but you also have to know when to fly as well. Read more>>

Carla Carter | Entrepreneur

That you have to have a well thought out plan to succeed. In my experience, I have only needed to have an idea of what I want to do or where I want to go, and belief in that idea. My faith that I can accomplish what I want is enough to drive me there. Read more>>