We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Jeremy Perry | Photographer & Mixed Media Artist

GET A GOOD JOB! This normally tends to be the advice that, tells you too get a good job even if you hate it. This thought process will have you working in some field or career path you don’t like just for the money! Do something you love and the money will come it will manifest itself and align with your path. Read more>>

HaJ | Content Creator & Content Coach

That it takes hard work to succeed. Unfortunately it took years of me working hard to realize this. Read more>>

RJ Johns | Public Speaking Coach & Mentor

I believe that telling someone to ‘get out of their comfort zone’ (as it relates to business) is a huge mistake. Know this: to disregard and jettison your gifts is to forfeit your destiny. There is a reason why you are the best counselor, fashion stylist, or chef for miles…it’s your comfort zone! Own it. As a public speaking coach and mentor, I work with many influencers and entrepreneurs who were once struggling to make ends meet because they had veered off their path to pursue what others had told them was their ‘promised land’. Listen, not everyone is going to make a million dollars selling t-shirts online. Perhaps that’s not your comfort zone, and that’s OK! Discover what you do best and pursue it with everything you have. When you nurture and grow those giftings, everything (purpose, wealth, success) will be added. Read more>>