Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Vanessa Sullivan | Executive Managing Director & Entrepreneur

I started my banking career as a teller for a major bank and decide that I wanted to become a banker. Through hard work and the proper leadership, I became a personal banker within two years. While in this role, I was selected to become an “At Work Champion”. An At Work Champion is an individual that would contact businesses and request for a bank representative to visit the location and offer bank products to their employees. Think of having the banking experience at your fingertips while at work. Read more>>

Jade Poole | Entrepreneur

I originally got the idea for Prominent LLC. two years ago. I’d always wanted to work in the fashion industry but fear would get in the way. However, the idea of a brand specializing in oversized clothing and mental health awareness was always on my mind. Read more>>

Santonia Coleman | Creator & Director

I came up with Real Boss Chicks Of Atlanta because I’m a boss and it was targeting all the women that are actually bosses meaning running multiple businesses, starting from the ground and up, stamping your brand and just doing whatever it takes to feed your dreams and being successful. Read more>> 

Bridget and Shelby Story | Event designers

We love a great love story! This made it simple to say yes when a friend of mine asked me to design and decorate for her daughter’s wedding. We started planning, purchasing candles, vases, runners, creating signs, restoring an antique popcorn cart and it didn’t take long to realize we were hooked. Read more>>

Qadriyyah Rasheed-Calhoun | Experience Curator & Hookah Caterer

We already had the hookah business for 3 years during the pandemic people wasn’t going out. Hookah and its supplies was in high demand during this time. I noticed that there was a lot was offering come to your house or park picnics. Read more>>

Travis Williams | Interior Designer

I began my interior design firm in 2019 as I was preparing to separate from the United States Air Force. I knew that I didn’t want to work a 9-to-5 job that wasn’t really fit for me. Read more>>

Ollisha Williams | Master cosmetologist

How I came up with the idea for my business is I took personal things from me, comment’s and ideas from clients and people outside the industry and blended them for the best balance and results of the overall purpose. Read more>>

Shanice Baum-garrett | Vegan skincare maker

I came up with the idea for my business when I was pregnant with my daughter . I named my business after her because she is the reason why I am so motivated to create and want to do better. Read more>>

Imani Evora | Founder & CEO of We Are Made Studios

We Are Made Studios was created out of a craving for a space that reflected all parts of who we are and who we were becoming. The creative, business forward, community driven individuals who wanted to connect to like-minded people. But we wanted to take it a step further, we wanted the space to feel safe, be reflective and rooted in culture. A community that only together can make a difference along side people that understand what it’s like to be you. Read more>>