While it’s inspiring to read high level summaries of success stories, we think it’s just as important to learn about what drove the success and made it possible. We’ve asked some of the brightest folks we know to open up about what they believe was the most important factor behind their success.

Gabrielle Brown | Women’s Empowerment Advocate

GLOWgirl Women’s Empowerment Movement was formed when one of my co workers stated to me that I add sunshine to my work place. It is important to me to always smile because that may be the only smile that some one sees that day. The most important factor behind my success is to always be authentic and genuine. Some one is always watching you rather you know it or not. Read more>>

Kyara Lombre | Photographer & Educator

The most important factor behind my success is the relationship I build with my clients. Without them, there is no me..there is no Lab House Studios..there’s nothing. What they take from their experience helps build my brand, so the more clients that feel satisfied with my work and the process, the better chances I have expanding my business. Read more>>

Dawn Jones | Owner/Stylist

The name Kith and Kin means friends and family. I wanted to create a space where our guests would feel at home and part of our family. Our entire culture is based on that premise and it begins with our staff. My son, his partner, my daughter in law and a family friend of many years are all a part of our team. We have a tight knit group of hairdressers who have become a part of our family as well! The most common theme from our reviews and feed back from our guests is that we have a friendly, caring staff and atmosphere that is inclusive for all walks of life. Read more>>

Huddleston CC Indivero | Hosts of Atlanta’s Best Vintage and Handmade Pop Ups

Georgia Vintage Goods was founded as an outlet to share the vintage items we had collected over the years. In the beginning, we were setting up a tiny market all on our own but soon realized by sharing our space with other collectors and creatives from around Atlanta and beyond we could all benefit from the additional exposure. Over the course of the past 7 years we have always put the success of our community of tiny businesses first by hosting markets that highlight the best handmade artisans, vintage curators and local artists. Our success comes 100% from the support of these vendors and the customers who show up every time we host an event! Read more>>

Dj Millz | Dj/Promoter/Business Owner/Influencer

Being consistent and being strategic on content and what attracts people, what they like, and what they should know as well as being a leader and knowing you have the power to not only influence but control the culture as well. Read more>>

Tamoya & Taniya Ruddock & Blake | Owners of Le’Aura

The most important factor behind our success here at Le’Aura would be consistency and dedication, my reason for this is because without doing these two things we would not be here right now. There are so many times within a small growing business where things do not work in your favor, not because your business isn’t it but because of that trail and error stage where you are learning the ins and outs of your business so failure at times is a must, but what made us succeeded was that drive of continuing (consistency) even when we were not being seen and not meeting our sales goals, we kept on going because we were only planting the seeds at this stage for something that we couldn’t see as yet. Read more>>

David Bostic | Artist

There’s so many things that come to mind. But if I had to chose one factor, I would have to say that being authentic has been the most important factor for my success. I’ve grown, and continue to grow my network of resources solely from being a stand up guy. As for my brand, I would have to say customer service has been the most important factor. I pride myself on making my customers happy. From being flexible with my prices to fit their budgets, to giving away art pieces to random followers. It’s all about making the customers happy and building a community of positive vibes. Read more>>

Toya S. | MadysonSkyy LLC, Owner/Operator- Makeup Artistry

For me, success is achieved every time a satisfied customer gets up from my chair! I pride myself on the level of service provided to each and every client. Whether you’re a brand new client, or have been with me for years, the focus never shifts….to understand the clients desired outcome and achieving that while exemplifying exception customer service. I have always wanted my client sessions to be more than just that, More like an experience that leaves you feeling seen, valued and ready to take on whatever you face leaving your appointment. Success to me is showing up everyday, doing what I love and it reflecting in my work. Read more>>

Giovanni Thompson | Author

The most important factor behind my success is God. Nothing I’ve ever been able to do would have been remotely possible without the backing of Him. He’s been with me every step of the way and keeps my head above water whenever I feel the pressure of life starting to get the best of me. It’s impossible to list only one, but another important factor behind my success is my ability to perfectly execute my emotions and the voices of others into a creative concept of poetry. I pride myself in consistently working on my wordplay, double/triple entendres, and metaphors to keep people engaged and going back to read a poem that has numerous different meanings. As I’ve worked diligently on my writing for the past couple of years, being able to finally hold my debut collection of poetry, “Incognito”, in my hands has shown me just how far I’ve came in my writing/life and how much I have left to do. Read more>>