Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Renita Walker | Wife, mother, grandmother, seamstress/designer, singer/songwriter/performer, the Funky Chaplain

LuviztheWay, LLC is my vision to spread love and hope through faith, fashion, and the funk! For the last almost 12 years (my 12th anniversary is in September 2022) I have been training and working as a Chaplain (Spiritual Care Clinician).  Read more>>

Shasmine Thomas | Allstar Cheerleading Coach & Gym Owner

My business was created out of a need in my community. I began working individually with girls training them to be capable to have successful cheer tryouts and to perform well enough to make the school teams. Read more>>

Brandi Johnson | CEO, Mentor, & Motivational Speaker

As of being a single mother, I experienced hardships of providing for my daughter. When I experienced a very hard moment, I had a very deep worship and praying moment with God. Read more>>

Ellen Cooper | Founder, Simply Be Box

As the moms of two girls now both teenagers, I have always been passionate about pouring into them and through them have had the opportunity to also connect with other girls their age over the years at school, church & throughout the community. Read more>>

Clive EJ Salmon | Co-Founder/CEO

Seeing how many stories do not get the space or attention they deserve,we created companyX to fill the gaps we know exist. Our company is based on the personal values that we share. Read more>>

Nicole Evans | Christian Life & Execution Coach

My business is a combination of what I am skilled in and what’s in demand. I am a solution-driven person who can see a strategy and create a plan for implementation. Read more>>

Zoraida Rodriguez | Iyawoe

I have been in the Yoruba Religion for over 36 years. I come from a family that has practiced within the 21 Divisions (Dominican Voudoo) for centuries. I became an Iyawoe and was crowned at the age of 17, my purpose has always been to help others. Read more>>

Justin Cummings | Entrepreneur

The idea in the beginning was simply to create a design I like and put on a shirt for just me to wear. I wanted the design stand out and also stand for something. Read more>>

Deonta Pace | Author/Podcaster

You Know When You Start At The Bottom On This Journey I Would Say I Came Up With The Idea With Real Life Situations That Happened In My Life. Read more>>

Bruce Kramer. Ryan McCusker, and Doug McCusker | All three of us are music enthusiasts and part-time podcasters. In the real world”

Prisoners of Rock and Roll is a podcast about music hosted by Bruce Kramer, Ryan McCusker, and Doug McCusker. We’ve been kicking around the idea for the show for several years. Read more>>

Kelly “Beautiful Brielle” Lott | Spiritual Advisor

Hello, I came up with the idea for my business , via a friend that i met on facebook I’d always post my visions or dreams on facebook, whatever i saw, would come to pass… this person was really watching everything i would post lol and reached out to me one day asking me if she could know more about my gift, Read more>>