A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

M. von Nkosi | Architect and Senior Advisor: Special Projects

I’m inspired by civil society and have a deep love of cities. Read more>>

Precious J. Bradley | Doula & Serial Entrepreneur

come from a line of women who assist in childbirth. I became inspired once I heard the story of my great-grandmother who helped her community by birthing babies. My favorite thing about becoming a doula is being able to create the birth plan. Each birth plan is so unique to the mother’s needs. It is exciting to hear parents visions around birth. It shows you just how much diversity one has in their community. Read more>>

Rolando Nava | Tattoo studio owner and Artist

My inspiration in opening a business was for many reasons. 1. to be able to be financially free and be able to help my family/loved ones be in a position to be financially free as well. 2. show the younger generation and anyone else that needs motivation that for sure anything is possible once you put your heart and mind to it. Also my plan is in the near future to be able to show love back to the community by helping out people in need. I also like to provide quality services for people while also giving them a great price. Read more>>

Latricha Thompson, BBA & MPA | Entrepreneur

I am inspired by my two children and my grandmother. I do not want to let them down. My children depend on me and inspire me to be the best that I can be. Amber and Jeremy give me advice on how to better. They are my strength! I strive to be actively involved in everything. The only way to do that is to be my own boss! My children love that I am always available. Read more>>

Divad Miles | Consultant & IG Brunch Blogger

I think of Dr. Ali Binazir from Harvard a lot and his calculation of our probability of existence. From a mathematical standpoint, his research shows that the odds of each of us being born is essentially zero. Because of that, no matter what type of day I am having, I am consistently inspired by the human condition. The journey of life itself and everyone that we encounter is such a beautiful conundrum. We all get to experience one another at our best and worse moments in a short opportunity in time. Read more>>

Kenyatta Freeman | Business Owner & Cosmetologist

I am inspired by my family and my friends. I come from a family of hustlers and my friends are the same way. We don’t wait for anything to just come to us, we go get it. Watching those around me chase their dreams and make things happen for themselves inspires me to go even harder for my own. They show me that anything is possible when you work hard and believe in yourself. The support we show each other helps too. Read more>>