A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Juleah Edwards | Mixed Media Artist & Art Instructor

As an artist, inspiration symbiotically drives your work and ultimately, your purpose as a creator. My daily life is inspired by the hope that my creative practice will grow into something bigger than myself, something that provides me freedom and expansion through the connection of my work to others. As a kid I used to say, “There are worlds living in my head.” I still feel this way, my imagination has always surged from an overflowing place inside me; I don’t struggle with artist’s block. If anything, I feel like I won’t have enough time in this lifetime to carry out all the ideas I have. These notions of imagination guide me to pursue themes of youth, fantasy, mystique, and humanity through my painting and photography practices. Read more>>

Ty’shanna Hayes | Actress & Entrepreneur

The most valuable form of inspiration will come from the experiences that traumatized us the most. I’m mostly inspired by the mistakes I made on my journey, the hard times, and individuals who show us what true success can feel and look like. I’m honored that my mistakes were able to push me into a better version of myself. I’m thankful for the hard times that pushed me to keep going, and I look up to those who paved the way for such a time as this. Read more>>

Takida Cobbin | Lash Technician and PMU Artist

I’m inspired by authenticity! In today’s time everything is mimicked from social media. Individuality has been lost. It’s inspirational to me see, hear and watch people be unapologetically themselves. Read more>>

C.A.M. | Hip Hop artist/ emcee

I’m inspired by life. You know the ups and downs, good and bad, I try to look at everything around me as an inspiration or motivation to keep me going. I do have my moments where I feel like the inspiration isn’t there to create but I take that as a time for me to slow down, reset and analyze what’s going on around me to pick myself back up and keep going. Read more>>

Dodley Joseph | Songwriter, record producer, engineer, meta-producer, NFT artist & collector

I’m inspired by everything around me, I see art in everything, in terms of music I find inspiration in listening to great compositions from old and new, I also find inspiration by studying the greats that came before me as well as the country my parents are from. Read more>>