We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Matt Lewis | Personal Chef and Culinary Business Consultant

Constant study and skill development has been the biggest boon to my professional career. When I first started working in serious professional kitchens, I would go home and listen to lectures or watch videos about cooking. In culinary school, I held down a work-study job that kept me in the library. I would pile stacks of culinary books in front of me, just for the pleasure of learning as much as I could. As a professional, I deep dive into regional cuisines for months at a time; playing with recipes and developing my own style to incorporate these new dishes. Read more>>

Ida @ToEveryMom | Speaker, Author, Content Creator

The habit of “loving myself well” and the habit of “forgiving and affirming myself daily” Every other habit I am building will not and do not matter if these two habits are not at the forefront. My dreams and goals start in me, the business building activities are carried out by me (my team as well, but they are also led by me). So, if I am not taking care of me, loving me, and affirming me, my business, my team, and my family, are not able to experience the best of me. Read more>>

Casey Duren | Tax Professional

My grandfather raised us to work for everything we had. I feel a solid work ethic has definitely been the foundation to my success. He raised me not work hard and not be lazy. He instilled the philosophy of “you work for what you want don’t wait for someone to hand it to you.” No cutting corners, no pity parties and no taking shortcuts. Read more>>

Dr. Derricka Harwell | 7 figure business coach, award winning published author, ceo , philanthropist, community activist

A habit that I feel has contributed to my success is most definitely my consistency and no excuses policy. I am always adamant about getting things done and getting them done accordingly. I don’t distribute excuses, nor do I accept them. I don’t put off what can be done today, and I remain consistent in my business with constant growth. I also don’t allow those who are outside of my business (and not contributing to it’s growth) to affect me, my thoughts process or how I ” move” in my business. I consider those to be distractions. Blocking out those distractions that don’t contribute to your growth will assist you in consistent growth, abundantly. Read more>>

Chrystal Lewis | Fashion Stylist & Model

Learning how to get out of my comfort zone. It helped me meet new people that have opened doors for me, say my name in a room filled w opportunity, and overall support me Read more>>