We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Chris Turner | Business Owner

Waking up early, getting a quick workout in has been crucial for kicking the day off right. It’s imperative that I communicate with my team and let integral members have the authority to delegate, collaborate, and have the freedom to run with our initiatives once the framework is established. Surrounding myself with team members who are positive, driven, and have a good work ethic has genuinely become the root of our success. Read more>>

Oky & Jana Arthur | Owners Operators

In my opinion, having habits is the key to being successful in every area of life. Over time those habits become stronger, and have a deeper meaning, as we perceive them differently throughout life. The habits we have picked up over the past years are a reflection of where we are right now. We are very disciplined, with a consistent routine, which allows us to prepare each event a month in advance; therefore, stress is not invited to our party. We both have a positive attitude, not letting anything become an obstacle in our path. No matter where we are in life, there is always more to accomplish. We strive to constantly refine our skills and invest in our future. This gives us the confidence we need to increase our personal value. Read more>>

Jessica Harden | Founder & Executive Director

The “habits” that have helped me succeed: 1. Keeping God first: He gives me the purpose, visions, guidance, strength, comfort and laughs I need to keep pushing through. Although I may not always understand, I still trust him to keep his promises, so I keep mine. 2. Having faith: Trusting and believing that you can and will achieve what you have set your mind to. It doesn’t matter the setbacks.. remember comebacks always follow. 3. Being obedient: Remembering my purpose and process even when I cannot see the outcome or full vision. I consistently believe that I can accomplish my goals so I continue to put in the effort and time regardless. 4. Being selfless: Give. Give. Give.. with no intent on receiving anything back. 5. Being love & light: Everything I do is from my heart, full of love and good intentions. I embrace my talents, gifts, purpose, aura, presence, energy and that attracts those I need and whom may need me. Read more>>

Anthony Strayhorn | Personal Transformation Coach & Wellness Practitioner

Keeping my word for my agreements to myself and others. Prioritizing my health and fitness practices weekly Listening and implementing feedback from other coaches and mentors who are further along the path in the areas that I’m seeking to be more effective and powerful in. Being part of a community that is aligned with my values and beliefs for support and longevity. Read more>>