We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Herman Prater Jr | Photographer

Believing in myself wholeheartedly, and not taking no for an answer. I found my most rewarding moments honestly when I’m at the gym working out, because it allows me the time to really be at center with myself and focus directly on the goals I’ve set. Not only does the gym allow me to build my physical, but it’s also great for strengthening the mind as well. When your mind is clear, you start to feel, move, and think differently. Read more>>

Demetria Nicole | Shoetique CEO

Podcasting and self care habits have fed my soul to succeed daily. Time and time I have learned, the way I think manifests my future. As result, I engaged in multiple positive habits that strengthen my mind, faith and peace. I enjoying isolating my time and detaching from social media to clear my mind and bring balance. My favorite podcast is Blessed & Bossed Up by Temia Tatum. Not only have isolation been my major way to remain grounded, but supplying my Shoetique is my sanctuary. Read more>>

Tiffany (India) starke | Customizing Fashion Designer

Habits that I have which definitely play a role in the success of my business thus far would be that the belief that I have in myself and my craft, my willingness to go the extra mile for my clients, my consistency and dedication to building my brand, and providing each of them with a unique and exclusive style experience. Read more>>

W.C. Davis | R&B Singer

Following through – You can have all of the great ideas you want, but without some kind of plan to take action they will stay ideas. One of my biggest downfalls on this journey was putting things off till “tomorrow” and tomorrow never came. I had to wake up one morning and tell myself tomorrow is today! Read more>>

Daily Scoop | Comedian/Actor

All honest what helped me succeed was my friends. Ice been doing skits and memes since high school so once people start telling me do more and that’s what J did. I never imagined you know being on different social media sites or even recognize from different comedian from social media. (DesiBank, DC yungFly etc) so it really is a blessing. Because I never thought folks would support me or be where I am today Read more>>

DJ MAC Cummings | Inspirational Gospel DJ

Being consistent, focusing on the vision, and trusting the process. Read more>>