We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Cory Scott | Realtor

Over the years I’ve worked in a few different industries. I’ve worked as a Chef, Accounting assistant, Foreclosure Auctioneer, Business Manager, now Realtor. All vastly different positions. The one habit that has allowed me to be successful is to simply be the expert. What does that mean? I study. Constantly seek out answers. If I have to read 100 books, seek a mentor, or take a class I will. Always be open to learning, be coachable until you reach the level where your no longer a novice you are the master. Read more>>

Eric Jones | Writer & Streetwear Model

A few habits that help me have success is having a strategic plan to reach my goals along with having realistic goals as well. It’s all about consistency. It’s a great thing to start but you have to finish! So having a strong work ethic & perseverance was important to my success as well. Read more>>

Noelle Abent | Reiki Master/Spiritual Counselor/Minister

Having a daily routine is key in my success! Starting the morning with prayer- to connect and give thanks for all I have. Then to meditate so I can move forward with a clear mind. I journal to write ideas I receive after I meditate. Keeping myself healthy by eating fresh food, getting a good night of sleep and daily yoga keeps me strong and healthy in order for me to to be a channel of healing for others. When I first started Energetic Therapies, I’d keep my calendar full with consistent actions I needed to take to grow my business. I’d do one step every day to connect with my community, such as reaching out to another business or attending a networking event. Keeping my mind healthy by surrounding myself with a community of positive people is key. Attending church, connecting with other entrepreneurs to share ideas and reading inspirational books all inspire my success. Read more>>

TeeJay(Alvin) SuPlx(Davis) | Music Producer

Tenacity. Never quit. Establish an excellent work ethic. Listen,learn apply. Trust your gut, and don’t be afraid to take risks Read more>>