We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Jocelyn Roper | Owner and Chief Cheer Officer (CCO) of Way2Cheer

Way2Cheer is a mission-driven business that relates organizational purpose to genuine values and impact measures. My business helps the community by developing young students to be trailblazers who cheer and lead. Way2Cheer is founded on the best practices and policies that are designed with social impact in mind. My framework for impact will improve student leadership in at least two ways: (1) by improving school and community relations (2) by improving intergroup relations within schools between and among students, staff, and faculty. My business focuses on long-term outcomes in the lives of individual students such as gains in future income with training and employment, and Way2Cheer aims for both individual outcomes and broader impacts on society such as increase in academic success. Read more>>

Victoria Randle MSN, NP-C | Family Nurse Practitioner and Business Consultant

The thing that I love most about my business is that it has a three fold impact. 1. I am helping individuals overcome their fears of becoming an entrepreneur by mentoring them through the process and giving them confidence to put a fearless foot forward. I was once them and understand what it is like to navigate entrepreneurship blind. 2. My clients go on to train some of nations most vulnerable population and empowers them with the skills they need to be self sufficient and compassionate caregivers. I was once that vulnerable population and becoming a CNA changed my life! Read more>>

Saniyya Hunt | Nail Care Specialist, Sassy G Nailz

I am the CEO of Sassy G Nailz a low-tox, vegan friendly, nail polish line. A percentage of my proceeds are used to support my non-profit The Sassy Squad Project. The Sassy Squad is a group of girls aged 8 to 18 who visit nursing homes and adult care facilities and provide free manicures to the residents. This is an extremely important to our community, especially for this population. These individuals are sometimes forgotten and feel disconnected. The human touch and interaction they have with us is truly a beautiful thing. Often times the directors and organizers in the facilities tell me that the time we spend with the residents becomes the highlight of their week. Read more>>

Sonny Weathersby | Health and Wellness Coach

Health is defined as the overall mental and physical state of a person, and wellness refers to the state of being in optimal physical and mental health. As a health and wellness coach, my job is to live a healthy lifestyle and to inform and educate others on how to do the same. I perform this service by teaching others the importance of being physically and mentally fit and promoting a healthy diet. Through my juicing company, Wellness on Wheels International, I provide cold-pressed juices and smoothies for my customers. Cold-pressed juices allow you to get 100% of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients you need from fresh fruit and vegetables. My juices and smoothies energize, increase immunity, and nourish the body. Read more>>

Traviel Harrison | Plant-Based Vegan Startup

Many people choose to embrace veganism for their own personal reasons. We most certainly emulate our life choices into our business. At Vegan Village, we embrace veganism because we recognize the significance that it has on our lives, as well as our family’s lives. Growing up, we found ourselves in the middle of a food desert surrounded by fast food chains with the only options being burgers, fries and fried chicken. The older you get and the more you become exposed to better, the more you actually want better for yourself and the people you care about. Best way we sought to do this is to promote healthy eating habits. Read more>>

Trice “Zion” Smith-Hampton | Owner of UnBossed Apparel

Sometime I describe Unbossed as a “foot on your neck” t-shirt brand. I can call it that because we are a brand that is unafraid to speak on the things that affect our community whether it be good or controversial. My purpose to provide a voice in the form of a t-shirt. I love all people. I don’t dislike white people or the police because everyone isn’t racist, prejudice, or corrupt. But we are not going to tip toe and ignore the issues my community is facing for people who claim to not be a part of the problem but yet are mute. We don’t need silent allies. My goal as a business it that whether you’re more Malcom or more Martin we are still providing a way to speak loud and clear without having to verbally say a word. Read more>>

Simone Johnson | Master Barber & Grooming Specialist

I organize events around continuing education for barbers and clients called The Barber Sense Grooming Session to encourage them to take their grooming to the next level. However I am currently organizing a fundraiser event on Sunday, June 28th at Privado Grooming Suites called “Beats To Fade Injustice.” This is where synergy and grooming merge for a cause. I will have DJ Jash Jay @DJJashJay, Atlanta’s Elite Barbers with special guest barbers providing the best signature haircuts and a black owned food truck available. The proceeds from all haircut services will be donated to The Atlanta Solidarity Fund to support people who were arrested at protests, or otherwise prosecuted for their movement involvement. Read more>>

Sizzy Galore | Artist & Apparel Designer

My brand is all about authenticity, self-love, and love of others. My goal is to provide a safe space for people to live in the fullness of themselves. As I grow older, I am learning to love and accept everything that I am. I’ve found empowerment in leaning into my own intersectionality as a black man, who happens to be gay; masculine, but also feminine; quiet, but very powerful; emotional, yet controlled. In this time of increased activism, I believe that it is extremely important to understand and keep intersectionality at the forefront. If Black Lives Matter is to be the mantra, then that means that all black lives must matter. Read more>>

Sheree M. | Founder + Creative Director

Sophie Rose Candle Co. helps the community as well as the world by creating Eco-friendly and sustainable products. We want our products to not only smell great but to be gentle on the environment. We also take a holistic approach to self care by making products that encourage our community to care for self (meditation, relaxation, etc.). This is needed now more than ever given our current state of uncertainty. Read more>>

Omari Johnson | Artist & Creator

My goal is to impact the community by expressing myself and situations that I’ve been through that contributed into making me the man that I am today. I try to spill a part of me in all of my craft and if I feel I need more to do that, I will teach myself a new skill like I’ve been doing from the start. So far I’ve taught myself how to paint, play the bass guitar, write poetry and lyrics. All of these things holds meaning in some shape or form with my personal ties embedded within. For me, there were moments growing up where I could’t express myself because I wasn’t fully aware of how to speak on problems. I had no voice. With that being said, as I developed over the years, I tell my story through other senses. Read more>>