We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Courtnie Kidd | Designer & Artist

I have donated hundreds of ear guards to hospitals, schools, transit workers, fire stations, police stations, and a few facilities where there are hearing impaired people who have a difficult time with wearing masks and hearing aids. I’ve given ear guards to the postal workers and other places who have to wear masks all day and deal with the public in person. The goal of the ear guards is to prevent the elastic from rubbing and chaffing and even making the back of your ears bleed since you are wearing and adjusting your mask all day long, multiple times a week. The ear guard is a great way to keep the masks on children and to secure it for yourself to keep the mask on your face fully in place with no tension. Read more>>

Kimberly Hyde | Owner, Keller’s Creations

Scrapbooking, cardmaking, and papercrafting make the world a much better place in so many ways. The time that the scrapbooker or crafter spends creating helps that person mentally… There are actual medical studies that show the improvement of brain function and mood elevation. That’s why we call it paper therapy! Then, it is a hobby that produces the most meaningful, the most sentimental, and often the most beautiful projects. Those projects, when shared, positively affect the recipients by making them feel special & loved, making them feel connected, and making them feel seen. Read more>>

Darius A. Stanton | Podcaster, Motivational Speaker, Humanitarian

The social impact of my business is very important because we are reprogramming society and other media influences to focus and promote strengths and assets versus sensationalizing peoples deficits. Our society and especially the media profits off of the weaknesses or demise of others. Our media company and partners help businesses, organizations and individuals profit off of the strengths of others and the power in harnessing the best in people to make their financial goals. We have found an ecosystem of businesses and investors that want to put principle over politics, put people over profit and still make a lot of money. Read more>>

Aldo Cardenas | Atlanta Music, Education and Film

As an educator and a performer, my goal is to make music accessible to everyone. Growing up, I was exposed to both Mexican and American cultures. My desire to teach bloomed when many of my family’s Spanish-speaking friends had an interest in learning how to play an instrument. Even at a young age, I noticed early on that there weren’t many Spanish speaking music instructors in the Marietta area that were offering private lessons. I began to offer tutelage once I realized many parents in the area I lived in were interested in the beginning, but could not find a way around the language barrier. The environment I was raised in inspired me to expand my education program to schools and businesses. Read more>>