We asked rising stars from the community to tell us about a book they’ve read and the impact it had on them. We’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Keith Andrews | Videographer | Photographer

A book I’ve read and LOVED is ‘Rebel without a Crew’ by Robert Rodriguez. That book has such a resounding impact on me because through his story, I see myself in his shoes. He never made excuses about his situation, he just found a way to get it done and I too believe in that philosophy, “less excuses more improvements”. Read more>>

DeAirah Robinson | Author & Co-owner of Parties By DeAirah

I had the pleasure of co-authoring a book with my mother. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2017 and my entire world stopped. We work as partners at Parties by DeAirah and it was without question that I would be there for her on her cancer journey. We released our book on my birthday, October 6, 2018 and it was a proud moment for both of us. The book is titled, “Surviving Pink. An Inspirational Story of How a Breast Cancer Diagnosis Strengthened a Mother Daughter Relationship. Our journey is breast cancer, but the book is for anyone facing a life-altering illness and could use some positive motivation. We detail our journey and how much the role of Jesus has played to get us to the place we are now. We continue to work together promoting the importance of early detection and self breast exams and making fabulous events shine with our Party in a Box! We can’t always choose the hand we are dealt what matters most is how we play the hand. Read more>>

Shanithia Kendrick | Pastor & Therapist

One of the most powerful books I have read is book titled ‘Scary Close’ by Donald Miller. This book absolutely changed the way I viewed intimacy in friendship. It taught me what intimacy looks outside of romantic relationships and how it can be experienced in not just physical touch but also in communication and being present, The impact this book had on me challenged the way I built friendships and upgraded my perspective on community. Read more>>

Barbara Swinney | Life and Holistic Leadership Coach, Coach Trainer, Author, Speaker, John Maxwell Certified Life and Holistic Leadership Coach and Coach Trainer, Speaker, Author, Creator of The DEEPER Women Brand, Founder and CEO of The DEEPER Leader Institute for Personal and Professional Development

In 2016 I experienced my own, personal pandemic. I was tapped on my shoulder by my supervisor and was told that your services are no longer needed in this position; “You’re being reassigned”. Three months later, I learned that my marriage was up against long-term infidelity, and the world as I knew it changed forever. The two things with which I most readily identified were no longer recognizable. My identity had become so enmeshed with my career and my marriage to the extent that I did not know who I was without them. Barbara was somewhere in the middle, but I didn’t know who she was, but I knew enough about her that I was determined to get to know her even if I had to depend on who other people told me she was. So, I start with my mind and everything that I thought or believed about myself. I had my first glimpse of this as I read the book, “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen. Read more>>