What are your thoughts on budgeting? Is it necessary? Is it helpful? Harmful? Does it make us focus on the wrong things? Is it irresponsible not to budget? We asked folks we admired to share their thoughts with us.

Bilkis Shinaba | Artist & Entrepreneur

I do have a budget and I believe it is important to have a budget. As far as my personal finances I like to make sure I distribute my funds properly and make room for any downfalls. I look at it this way which is something I have always kept in mind as a young entrepreneur. I believe it’s important to have at least 6 months to a year monthly funds to cover any finances because in life there’s always ups and downs. Read more>>

Miesah Rice | Psychotherapist & Life Coach

Contrary to popular belief, I am happy to discuss finances. I do have a budget, maybe a little unconventional, but I do calculate my monthly expenses, calculate my monthly income, determine the excess, save a percentage, I definitely sew seeds into the community, and I make sure to reward myself with a gift. I have tunnel vision at times when I am working, so I also make time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Read more>>