We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Ashley Renne Nsonwu | Sustainable Lifestyle & Plant-Based Health Expert

I created my brand to help end animal exploitation, protect our natural environment, and improve human health through sustainable, plant-based solutions. Communities of color tend to be disproportionately impacted by climate and food related health problems, and as a mixed Black and Indian woman, I have a unique opportunity to reach these underserved audiences that don’t often learn this kind of information. Read more>>

Hannah Harris | Product Photographer and Creator, Brown Girl Hands

Brown Girl Hands advocates for diverse imagery in product photography. While a very niche sector, we see product photography every day, in all our advertisements and especially in the beauty industry. Having diverse hands is just as important as having diverse models. A social media editor once said she didn’t post Black hands because they didn’t get enough engagement or for some they weren’t ‘aesthetic’ enough. Simply put, Brown Girl Hands proves that brown hands can be beautiful and that people want to see them represented. I believe that if we all tackle one issue close to our hearts, no matter how big or small, that together we will see the world change. Read more>>

Tiara Bracey-Wilson | God Fearing Woman, Wife, Mother Of Two, Social Influencer of Wakeup & Inspire, Child Advocate, Nursery Coordinator

Agape Life Prevention Center (ALPC) was established as an Organization, in 2018, by Tiara Bracey who wants to initiate change with how many abused and neglected children are overlooked and under-supported in our educational system. ALPC has spearheaded a Love Movement that provides mentoring, tutoring, luncheons, field trips, free haircuts, sporting activities, and incentives. ALPC is the 1st organization to address the Social and Emotional Challenges of abused and neglected children. Oftentimes people only focus on the more severe child abuse cases and neglect, but Agape Life focuses on the early stages and beings the prevention process. Did you know that children who experience child abuse and neglect are more likely to be arrested and more likely to commit a violent crime? According to the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services, those abused and neglected as children are likely to repeat the cycle of abuse. Mothers with a history of childhood victimization have been associated with an increased risk of their children experiencing maltreatment. Read more>>

Alexi Johnson | Licensed Associate Professional Counselor

I strive to serve my community by providing counseling services for people of all walks of life to be able to process their challenges and learn how to live a more fulfilling life. I have an advocate heart, which is used within my work to serve marginalized groups who could strongly benefit from therapy. Specifically, I serve a large LGBTQ+ community so they can seek supportive, accepting, and competent counseling in a state that may not always be accepting of who they are. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, being there to serve and assist them is one of my greatest callings in life. Having been on the other side of the counseling couch, so to speak, I understand how vital this support is to those struggling. I am able to serve the entire state of Georgia by using Telehealth video sessions. This allows people in our more unaccepting areas to still have someone to help support them. Read more>>

Derick Womack | Gospel Artist

What I bring to the community/world is a safe place for them to feel comfortable worshipping God. As a Gospel Artist, I find it very important for people to have the freedom to express how they feel in the presence of God. When it comes to expressing feeling, some people may cry, some people make lay before the Lord, or some people may sit with their hands lifted in the air. We all have different ways expressing how God makes us feel. Also, I help the community/world by bringing encouragement. When I perform, It is mandatory that I leave the people with a sense of encouragement. While I encourage others, sometimes I find myself being encouraged by the reaction of those that I’m ministering to. It is a wonderful thing to be apart something that is beyond my control. Everyone has situations going on in their lives, and they’re looking for someone or something that can offer solutions that can guide them to a better place. Whatever the place is, I am grateful to be apart of that solution. I help the community/world by offering Jesus through ministering in song. Read more>>

Devon Horace | Serial Entrepreneur & Strategist

My business goal is to help people understand personal finance and business more. There is a lot of material out there, some good, some questionable, and I want to help people filter out that material and get the most out of it where it meets their specific needs. Everyone is different. All plans and strategies aren’t cookie-cutter; one size fits all. It’s about taking what best suits you. Read more>>


My design company helps the community by showcasing people of color in a positive way and creating opportunities for people in the community who are often seen as a underdog or less than. I strive each and everyday to create art and opportunities that will help elevate our community and people. Read more>>

Rosanna Penaflorida | Birth and Lifestyle Photographer

I am fortune not only to be able to photograph families but to truly connect with them in a deeper level even from behind the camera and know their story. Apart of my mission as a photographer is to give back to the community to non-profit organizations and help raise awareness. Some of the organizations I give back to are Cure CP, which funds research and provides resources to people with cerebral palsy; the Frazer Center, which helps children and adults with developmental disabilities live and flourish in a more inclusive community; Give Specific, which directly serves in solving an immediate economic or social issues; and Healthy Mothers and Heathy Babies Coalition of Georgia, which improves maternal and infant health through advocacy, education, and access to vital resources. I believe that the work I do is to always serve others. Read more>>

Christiana Afotey | President + Designer

Great question! Here at Threads by Dreads, we pride ourselves on reducing textile waste. Whenever new orders are completed, our production team saves fabric remnants and scraps and dontaes them to creatives here in Nashville to complete their art projects. In addition to reducing textile waste, we cultivated the Threads by Dreads Foundation in 2016. The mission of the Threads by Dreads Foundation is to empower exemplary scholars to become pioneering leaders of tomorrow. Our Foundation is in its fourth year of offering the Mrs. Fedelia Adokailey Mensah Scholarship Award and the Mr. Seth Mensah Afotey Scholarship Award. These two scholarships serves as conduits to my parents legacy. The awards also assist with the financial burden of high school, college + technical trade students in Ghana with their tuition costs. Read more>>

Ronald Chapman | Strategist, Facilitator, Consultant & Coach

At the root of all my work in the world is development and the realization of potential. That’s true whether my client is an organization, a leader, a professional, a parent or someone in recovery. At best, we aim for transformational outcomes, to create breakthroughs. Truth be told though, when you understand that all development and advancement is a spiral, either progressing upward, or digressing downward, what the world and its people really need are mindsets, frameworks and practices that always move us along the spiral with as much awareness as we can cultivate. It’s a lot like continuous quality improvement, a process that slowly, steadily and surely allows us to progress … and every now and again produces transformational results as a byproduct. That’s a beautiful and sustainable design. Read more>>

Albert Hall | Furniture Maker

Most products today are made in a factory. While this is the norm and is essential for today we are loosing are connection to our past, where we made things with our hands. The skill and attention to detail to things we make by hand are not comparable to things we make in a factory. The goals are different and therefore the outcome is different. My goal is to share my skills and my creativity. To show that the human hand is the ultimate machine. Our hand can be retooled almost instantly to become a true extension of our minds and our creativity. My business is me, my creativity and skill. It is not a machine that you can turn on or off. This is the personal touch you get. This is why artists choose to make things with their hands. I want share my creativity, skills and myself with you. My hands to yours. Read more>>