We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Vernon and Sharetta Scott | Business Owners

Our Business helps the Community by providing a Space that most New and Small Businesses can’t afford. By doing so they are able to Make Money to provide for Themselves, their Family, and pay for Everyday Living Expenses. Which in turn brings more Opportunities and Jobs to our Cities. It promotes a Healthy Economy. It reduces the Crime Rate. As well as Inspires others to Make a Honest, Profitable Living by showing Familiar Faces from our own Neighborhoods who are actually doing it. Read more>>

Danny Machado | Film Producer

Most people don’t think about movies when they think about social impact but we see media as the spark that ignites change and conversation. Currently, we’re focused on telling impactful stories, from a movie exploring the taboo subject of mass shootings in America to our upcoming tv show “The Twelve” the story of the last disciple, Starring Kevin Sorbo. Read more>>

Kae’sha Russell | Music Instructor

One of the goals of my piano studio is to show my community the importance of music in a developmental way while emphasizing the importance of representation. Many people, especially in the United States, view music lessons only as an extracurricular activity rather than an essential part of our mental and physical development and preservation. Read more>>

Stephen Kump | Co-Founder and CEO, Charityvest

I’ve been working on Charityvest, which provides donor advised funds to individuals. If you haven’t heard of Donor Advised Funds, or DAFs for short, they DAFs tax-deductible financial accounts for charitable giving. They allow you to more intentionally manage your giving like you manage other aspects of your financial life. Think of them as a checking account or HSA but for your philanthropy. Read more>>

Taylor Griffis | Salon Owner

Branding your business is so important to its success! When we first opened the salon we wanted it to be different than the other salons in the area which is hard to do when you are surrounded by great salons that are over flowing with talent. After thinking about it for months, we decided to capitalize on what makes us different as people. Read more>>

Jena Stephens Allison | Communications Manager for Fernbank Museum

Fernbank Museum of Natural History offers interactive and uniquely enthralling education through various permanent and rotating exhibits, films in our Giant Screen Theater and one of the largest assemblages of urban Piedmont forest in the United States. Fernbank brings science to life through immersive programming and unmatched experiences that encourage a greater appreciation of our planet and its inhabitants, therefore enabling our visitors to be more in touch with the world around them. Read more>>