We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Jacquetta Braime | Cosmetologists & Entrepreneur

My business motto is “Bring Out The Bold In You”. My business help the community (soon the world) by reminding people to remain confident in who you are. Its okay to be different in a society telling you who you should be. BRING OUT THE BOLD in who you really are with no regrets. Read more>>

Darlene_Shanta Walton | Owner /Founder Assisted Stretch Therapist for Movement & Recovery Needs

Here at Born2Train Fitness, LLC where you are Born2Be Fit & Stretched our goal is to make the people of our community feel good and relaxed after their services via their mind, body, and spirit. So, with that being said did you know that a muscle can stretch up to one-and-a-half times its original length? So, what I’m simply telling you is that by stretching the muscles people can relieve physical, mental, and emotional stress from their bodies? Anything that tenses our body and mind can find relief and release from a good stretch. So, in my business and my services, stretching just helps people feel good. Read more>>

Simone Harris | Real Estate Investor & Financial Consultant

As the found Equity Finance and Tax Services a credit restoration company, I assist individuals with improving their financial health. My business changes people on a daily basis. I meet a lot of people who come from very little too nothing and doesn’t know the power of credit and how it can change their life completely. I’ve been able to help people come from poverty to having equity and home ownership. Read more>>

KymBerli Dee | Recording artist and Entertainer

My business is totally geared toward inspiring talented people to follow their dreams. I do my best to impact my community by using my own talents and gifts, to show others that their talent is important and needed too. We all have a purpose and the ultimate goal is to follow your dreams, no matter what. Read more>>

Izzy Baker | Mental Health Podcast & Writer

I feel like my podcast helps the community in a few ways. First and foremost, my podcast makes uncomfortable conversations easy to digest by adding the comedy style of satire. In some cases, there are incidents where laughter is present in order to make the discussion fun. The conversations and topics are also relatable for those who are classified as millennials (17-35). Secondly, the podcast is mental health based and gives insight on the other aspect of mental health, which is how we act, feel, & think. Although I am not nor trying to be a licensed professional, I still have dealt with my own mental health struggles. Read more>>


My business is way more than just that . What we do at The Real Tree Service is not like any other. We save lives . When cutting trees it’s very dangerous and potentially life threatening. And if trees are not managed proper they can fall on a home or worse drop debris from dangerous heights . To the world we give safety & piece of mind. When you have a family there is nothing greater Read more>>

Quniana “Author Q” Futrell | Award Winning Filmmaker, Author & Why My Mom Creator

My company, the ECE Firm, impacts the world through our transformational coaching services and programs for help influencer heal from their “momma trauma.” Our world is compiled of hurt people, hurting people. So our mission is to change the narrative to make room and create safe spaces for healed people to heal their families; in return our communities are changed and impacted greatly! Read more>>