We had the good fortune of connecting with Shaudy Prince and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Shaudy, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
My thought process behind creating Hood Royalty Empire derived from wanting to really just boss up on the people who doubted me. Not just talking about it, but being about it! I wanted to own myself. Most of my life I’ve been surrounded by the kind of people who think (keyword think) they got more than you in life. So they turn they nose up at you. Worse they try to hold they nuts on you. So I told myself I have to figure out how to get it on my own. That’s where “Hood Royalty” comes from. There’s people out there who think they’re better than you, They feel you don’t deserve to live a life of lavish simply because of the environment you came from, or how you look…your “social status” so to speak. I wasn’t going to be a statistic. I didn’t become a product of my environment I became the Prince of it. Shoot! My environment became a product of me.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
There is A LOT that separates me from the others, but the main attribute I want to focus on for right now is my work ethic. There has been a few times in my life people have asked me “why I haven’t signed” them to my record company (Hood Royalty Empire). Time is money! So a simple reply to that is I’m not putting my time & energy toward anybody who can’t out work me, or at least come close to it. I am a studio junkie! I’m always recording, and writing new music. Everyday I’m grinding/working hard toward building my brand along with creating a powerful platform! Whenever I feel like taking a break I don’t I keep going. Even if it’s just working on my mental health, brainstorming, or coming up with great ideas to increase my intellect. I’m disciplined which allows me to attack the world head on. I do that with passion which drives my hard work & dedication which pours out into my art/content. What I am most proud of is that I am still here! I have been to Hell, and back to get where I am today. Everything that happen to me was for the greater cause. It made me into the Uptown self made man who is here before you today! I used all that negative energy that tried to surround & devour me as fuel to keep my Hood Royalty machine going. I never gave up, and I didn’t quit! I’m excited because I stayed dedicated to my purpose, and stayed persistent. So because I stayed consistent now I’m gaining results! I’m finally producing the fruits of my labor. I’ve accomplished a lot of great things in my life, but never could cherish those moments because I didn’t know nor realize who I was. Now that I know who I am (It’s a mind state) and the power I truly obtain. I’m ready to see just how blissful life for me will truly get! What got me to where I am today is a strong focus, having a [real] passion for what I love to do which is create. I held on steadfast to my faith…there is a power in me a power present in ALL of us that is always pushing us to reach our full potential! We tend to get in the way of that trying to control things. Some call it intuition, the Universe etc. I’ve learned to listen to this inner voice inside, and not just listen to it…but trust it! In the simplest form what I did is sacrifice time for more time, and I conserved my energy so I can put it toward my passion if you can grasp that concept. Lessons I’ve learned along my journey is NEVER doubt yourself. Put forth the effort needed to stay as far away from self sabotage as you can! Everybody can’t & won’t see your vision. Any, and everybody can’t come with you on this journey called life either and that’s perfectly fine! It’s not mean for them too because they didn’t put in the same amount of time, and effort you did. If they did they’d be where you are, or further. Don’t build business around friendships, but build friendships around business. I done been through so much I could write a whole book (which is in the works) but I will close with this. Most people that say they’re rooting for you 9 times out of 10 aren’t. Don’t worry about them though just focus on the ones who do. Be careful, and judge everybody by their actions not words! There’s a lot of people out there that just talk a good game especially in the business world. I want the World to know that my brand, and my story is just what it is…My brand…MY story! You may not like it, and you may not believe in the things that I do, but who really cares? I don’t! Never have, and I never will! Again…it’s my brand…my story. I also want the World to see that I put my all into my brand, and that my brand has always been for the people even though my delivery may not show it every single time. Most importantly I want the World to see that my brand is legit! No gimmicks, clout chasing nor chasing trends was apart of my plan…I set the trends!

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
If I had to give you some dope spots to hang out at in my city these would be the places to hit. These are MY personal choices so if you from my city, and don’t agree I can careless! This My show you’re just a spectator. Anyways…I’m half Jamaican so I have to represent! I have to show love to all the Island/Caribbean spots. Jamaica Way, Still Caribbean Lounge, Jamaican Mi Happy, and Little Jamaica are all some pretty nice places that sell you good grub. I’m a seafood lover as well so 2 of my favs when it comes to shrimp, lobster, and crab leg joints are Crab King 2 located in South Augusta…Tobacco Rd to be exact! I’m FOREVER Uptown believe that! Shout out to the lady that manages that specific restaurant. She always makes me feel handsome when I stop through & place my order. You gotta love her! Make sure you check out The Juicy Crab as well! There has been an influx of seafood restaurants popping up in Augusta, and I’ve been seeing a lot of people try to downplay The Juicy Crab like they wasn’t the 1st to really bring fine dining to the shrimp/crab leg scene. I’m appalled really. A lot of you all are some disloyal kind of people I swear! Last, but not least! Bonefish Grill is another dope spot. I like to go there on special occasions…you know those pop bottle kind of moments. I like the vibe Bonefish Grill is definitely where it’s at! Here are a few places to have fun, and really just have a good time. You should visit Stars & Strikes Entertainment Center for your bowling & laser tag needs. If you enjoy paintball we have Augusta Paintball which is said to be the largest paintball gun facility we have in the city. Also you could just walk the strip on Broad Street downtown! I find myself just liking to hop from venue to venue. I enjoy just getting lost in the festivities that take place in downtown Augusta wether if it’s 1st Friday, or just a regular weekend in the city!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I wan’t to make this shoutout only too, and specifically for the only people who I do this for! Many call the majority of people who like their work their fan base. My people are more than just fans to me. I call them my fam base because they are like my family…they are a community…like a tribe, they are my true supporters. They mean a lot to me so I had to give them their own name. My Royal Loyalz! Without them there wouldn’t be a Prince nor a Royal Ratchet Kingdom. These are the ones who’ve seen how far I’ve come, and how much I’ve grown first hand. They where allowed to be apart of, and cherish my moments of success with me as a collective. There are people out there who try to portray like they’re Royal Loyalz, but are NOT! That’s why I love this because I choose who is apart of my kingdom. Everybody can’t be a Royal Loyal because it comes with a certain integrity a lot of people just don’t have. This is because most people aren’t real fans they are just followers. I could have a MILLION followers today, and thats cool. The fact still remains that even with all those followers I’m still going to continue to do what I do only for the ones who matter the most. My Royal Loyalz! NOBODY else! Side note…I know my Royal Loyalz have been asking about merch, but I just don’t want you to get one ol’ funky T-shirt. I want to really bring some high quality gear for you all to look your best in. So I’m taking my time with that. That’s how much I take myself & my supporters seriously.

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