We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has play in their lives and careers.

Ady Meschk | Full Time Blogger | Best Selling Author | Entrepreneur

I always believe in taking risks! Take the risk, take a chance, and work hard. I’ve failed a lot but I’ve also been super successful. I truly believe you can’t have one without the other. So when you fail, because you will, don’t give up. Keep going. Take a risk and go all in on your dreams. Read more>>

Natasha Crumby, MHA | Published Scientist & Health | Wellness Expert

Risk is apart of the process. To put myself in cultivating environments, I must be willing to take risk. I have always been known as the person to find ways to stand out. Many times standing out was not easy and required risk. For example, my freshman year of college an upper classman asked me “what I was majoring in?” I answered proudly, “BIOLOGY!” Response was a crazy look, then “Do you know people are flunking out of Biology and changing their major?.” My response, even more reason for me to complete the journey and take the risk. Why play it safe? What will I learn about myself during the time of taking risk? Risk allowed me to be brave to start my own business. Read more>>

Deidre Gaskin | Entrepreneur and Founder/Senior Publicist of MayLee Media

Well for me, starting out in business I was afraid of taking risks as I’m assuming every entrepreneur is. However, I had to realize that’s what being in business is all about. Once I started taking risks in my business, whether it be financial or personal such as missing that event to focus on my career or spending a coin or two on materials for my business, then I started to get noticed. I’m learning to invest in my business even more now because I want MayLee Media to be here for a lifetime not just for a season. Personal life, I changed for the better around 2015. I’ve always been a firm believer in Jesus Christ but I started to hold myself accountable even more in 2015 when I got back in church for real. I stopped partying, drinking and started really being devoted to Christ. Read more>>

Mikayla Newton | Reporter & Anchor

When I graduated from Georgia State University in 2019, I took one of the biggest risks of my life. During this time I was freelancing at CNN and HLN occasionally, working to try and get a full-time position. I had also been applying to local news stations to begin my career in broadcast journalism. After applying to multiple and not hearing back until 6 months after graduation, I finally heard back from a news director in Upstate New York. Once I had an over the phone interview and was given very minor details about the position and the area of the station, I decided to go for it and take a risk. Not only was I leaving behind family, friends, a social life, and everything that I had ever known, but I was embarking on a brand new journey… Adulting. I uprooted my entire life in hopes that this one opportunity would eventually lead me to a lifestyle that I ultimately want to live. Read more>>

Chef Shay | DivineKuizine | Owner Specialty Sauces | Spices and Mixes

You cannot call yourself and entrepreneur without taking risks. I had to take risk to make my dreams come true. If I did not try I may regret not succeeding. I think faith and risk go hand and hand. I had to have faith GOD would lead me in the right direction. As being a risk taker some risks may not always pay off, but I always learned from my failures and turned what I learned into opportunities. To progress you must take risk ,new ideas is key to business growth. Faith and risk have been both equally important in my journey in being entrepreneur. Faith helps me to have confidence and perseverance to keep going even when it seen grim and risk is the optimistic in me if I do not try I will never know if this will help my business to grow to the next level. Read more>>

Adrian Gardner | Hip Hop Artist and Educator

Taking risks has played a big part in my life and career. I moved to Atlanta, away from any friends or family when I was 18. I didn’t really have anyone in the city that could lead me or show me the way, so everything I know now I had to figure it out by trial and error. This happened not only during my adjustment to a new city but also during my first year of college as well as my first year or being a musical artist. I personally feel like taking risks is the only way that you can truly find out what kind of person you are. It’s easy to be complacent and content when you stay in your comfort zone, but you really won’t know what you’re capable of until you push yourself to leave your comfort zone. Read more>>

Frankeisha Hill | Master Cosmetologist

Taking Risk has been a big part of my journey. I would say because I took a big step by moving to Atlanta almost 3 years ago not knowing what to expect but I knew there were more opportunities in Atlanta for me. By me moving to Atlanta it grew my clientele more and also made me love doing hair more. Read more>>