We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Hope LaVine | Bridal Fashion Influencer & Content Creator

I think risk is necessary for growth. Some of the best things in my life have happened as a result of taking a risk. I think risks are moments where we take a chance on ourselves and truly believe that this may be hard or scary but it could also be great. When I graduated college in May of 2018, I knew I was destined to get out of my small beach town. Its a great place to live, beautiful in fact, but I knew it would always be there. There was something really safe about the idea of staying in my hometown after college, and the safety scared me. Read more>>

Kaljah Adams | Resume Writing Expert

My entire mindset changed around risk-taking once I started my business in 2019. Before then, I was always hesitant about taking risks because I feared the unknown. I played it safe as a way to protect myself. I quickly learned as a business owner that playing safe only hurts you and your business in the long run. I knew if I wanted to see my business flourish, I had to take a leap of faith, try new things, and put myself out there no matter how scary it was. Once I started taking risks, I saw results. Read more>>

ViMaDeAn Duo | Violin / Percussion Duo

We believe that being a full-time artist is quite risky itself. Our profession is built on taking risks both in an every day life and on stage. Denis and I believe that it’s better to take a risk and possibly regret about it, rather than to pass on an opportunity and regret about not taking a chance. Our lives are perfect examples of that. Back in 2017 we took a big risk and left our lives, careers and full-time jobs with leading orchestras in Moscow, Russia and decided to move to Georgia (USA) where we’ve never been before. Read more>>

Serica Emani Weaver | Author, Visual Artist, Designer

I love this question. It’s very fitting for the major moves I’m making in my life right now and allows for deep self reflection, which I always enjoy. Risk requires courage and vulnerability. It also forces me to sit with uncertainty which can be extremely uncomfortable. As daunting as taking certain steps toward my future may seem, I couldn’t live with knowing I didn’t try. Not trying and consistently asking myself “what if?,” would hurt me more than trying and failing. As I grow forward and practice mindfulness, I am learning to trust my intuition. Read more>>

Bleu Jayz | A Independent rap group representing OGMM

We think of risk taking as what makes you. From the smallest risk to biggest it’s all to mold you into who you become. For example if you work and let’s say a once in life event comes into town but you work that day and you call out to go to that event you just risk job security and a day worth of funds for enjoyment in life that may not happen again and nowadays it’s a survive by any means nobody take risk to enjoy life and forgetting bout the thrills. Risking taking is big in music from beat selection words and events all a risk cause you never know if that one song will change your life so us as bleu jays all bout risk and it’s time to just see you know just see what happens in life. Read more>>

Jon Brannan | Owner of Ambrose Poitín

I have always viewed risk as an adventure. Sure, there is plenty that could go wrong, but the path to the goal and the potential reward has always been a driving force for me. I’ve been fortunate enough to have owned a few businesses and my approach has always been either I will win or I will learn, maybe sometimes a blend of both…but I’ve never failed. To me, you only fail if you never try. Read more>>

Nikita Simmons-Bush | Homeschool Director & Educator

Leaving my job to start my business was the biggest risk I had ever taken. I knew it was right for me and i knew I’d be happier, but a few people in my life that cared about me were scared for me. I was a public school teacher, wanting to be a professional homeschooler. It was a gamble I was totally willing to make. I was willing to walk away from the yearly salary increases, the health care benefits, the paid summers off…all of it. I had a baby of my own and I knew I had to create the kind of school for her that I wanted her to be cultivated in. Read more>>

Kerry Marshall | Entrepreneur, professional guitarist &guitar instructor

Rich taken from me has to be calculated with that being said it Hass to make sense but once it makes sense you have to go all in because without any risk there’s no reward and essentially what you’re risking it for is to Get that reward. Read more>>

Heidi Beckles | Executive & Chandler

Risk taking is a tricky maneuver to tackle! However, responsible risks at most is always successful. I took a risk of putting my knowledge to use for myself instead of allowing others to use me for my knowledge; with little to no acknowledgement that I presented value. So- I use to be this bold , speak my intentions kind of person. Read more>>

Kennedy Rae | Visual Artist/Photographer

I believe that to be successful in anything, you have to take risk. My freshman year of college I asked my mentor if he could give me any advice to help me throughout my college journey. He responded with “You should get comfortable with being uncomfortable,” and that always stuck with me. Taking risk can be uncomfortable sometimes, but they’re worth it. Read more>>

Deijah Mickens | Hustler

Risk Taking ! Being an entrepreneur is all about risk taking .It all started when I felt like I couldn’t keep a job , then I found a job I really liked (Bath and Body works) but it was seasonal so of course , they dropped me , then my friend put me on to Old Navy , when I was working at Old Navy I felt like everyone was trying to tell me what to do and they were giving me way too many tasks for so little pay. I felt like a slave .My manager kept making me go up to people and ask them to sign up for rewards and I’m very shy and hate bugging people. Read more>>

Bo Danso | Fitness Professional / Modelc

Risk taking is something that I feel people as a whole should consider doing more often. The term “risk” intimidates people quite often but in actuality, it is simply taking a leap of faith without a guaranteed outcome. A term that in my understanding of it means…I’m betting on myself. And in the wise words of one of the lyrical geniuses on this planet, “If I’m betting on myself then I completely double down.” (J.Cole) Read more>>

Ashley Eskinde | Host of Expos in Atlanta

I don’t think about risk I just do it, I have always been a risk taker within myself and for my business. Before I started hosting events I invested $6k into my hairline and only made $1k back, I didn’t have a plan b or c and I still needed to pay for rent, lights etc so I started my own pop up shop to be able to sell my hair in person because social media wasn’t giving me any sales so I knew those pop up shops would benefit my business and little did I know when I started hosting events in August 2020 those events would take my business very far and turn into something life changing. Read more>>

Aikiyah Roland | Lash tech & boutique owner

When it comes to taking risk I’m all here for it because if you aren’t willing to take risks how will you ever win , you have to be willing to allow things to play how on it’s one you can’t control everything & running a business being the entrepreneur i am it took me an really long time to understand this , I’ve been thrown so many tasks & obstacles with my business , but every time i got back up & i took a risk & invested in myself more & more , putting every dollar into my business with nothing else to my name because i know eventually everything will fall into place how it supposed to at perfect timing . Read more>>

Nakeema Squires | Cosmetologist & Entrepreneur

If you want to Win Big you have to be willing to take risk/step out on faith. I always knew I would be a hairstylist, but that was not my mothers dream for me. With that being said upon graduating high school I was forced to go to college despite my wishes to go to cosmetology school. I did well, however I wasn’t happy so I got a job at target got my own place and enrolled in hair school. Read more>>

Teerra Monae | Entrepreneur

Taking risk played a major role in my career, I took a big risk on leaving my job to finish up my own business, It’s always a chance things may not turn out how we expect them to. I risked my source of income to start my business from scratch. Taking risk is taking a chance and understanding the outcome could of left me with no income. Read more>>

Keya Nyame-Aje’ | Spiritual Wellness Coach

In all honesty, I was probably the least likely to ever take risks. I always felt that the unknown was not a place for me to personally venture into to. However, as I have delved more into the teachings, studies and implementation of metaphysical ideologies, I don’t view it as taking risks, as much I see it as trusting in the Universe. I feel that we are always exactly where we are meant to be and will always end up exactly where we are meant to. This mindset is the reason that I started my Spiritual Wellness business in the first place. Read more>>

Nadia Jay | Nail Artist & Blogger

Risks are necessary in life. Without taking risks, you’ll never know what the outcome could be if you don’t try. Being a full-time college student, working a part time job, and starting my nail business involved lots of risks. Having to decide whether I would take a client and hold off on studying or figure out whether to purchase nail supplies or school supplies were just a few of the decisions I made. Overall, I can say that the risks I’ve taken has benefited me tremendously. Read more>>

Heaven Smith | Content creator , podcast host, creative director , web designer, steamer

I don’t like using the word ‘risk’ anymore. For a couple months now I always say “taking a leap of faith” . Saying risk just give you the mindset to already believe there is a possibility to fail. ( a good friend of mine taught me that!). Over these last two months I have been taking a leap of faith. I want people to understand no matter your financial status, what position you are in, if you have a 9-5, etc. Always do what makes you uncomfortable. This will lead you into doors you wouldn’t have imagine you could open. Read more>>

DJ Partyallwknd | DJ & Film Producer

Honestly, risks and myself have become very best friends. I’ve taken risks my entire career. Stepping out and just believing what God told me to do and what He put in me has brought me a long way. It’s scary, frightening even, but in order to move forward you have to take that first step… and the first step is usually The Risk. I took a risk when I opened my first club. That led me full time DJING, I took a risk creating my own mixtapes that led me to writing my first film. I took a risk and moved to Atlanta to pursue my career, that led to this interview. I guess taking risk has been the biggest force to push me forward Read more>>

King RJ | Dancer/Influencer

You have to take risks in order to get where you want to be. You will never grow or elevate if you don’t take risks. Read more>>

Shanisa Dixon | Actress & Film Industry Contractor

I feel that risks are an important factor when it comes to reaching your goals. In my opinion, you can’t grow if you don’t challenge yourself. No one should want to do the same thing every single day. I know I don’t because life gets boring that way. Moving forward and getting your feet a little dirty to progress in whatever it is you want makes life worth living. Read more>>

Niraj Singala | Funding Manager

I have been doing different things in the past 15 years from selling candles, As Seen On TV products, working at a motel, working at a jewelry store, working at a dollar store, running a gas station, owned a CBD store and now I own a loan service brokerage (along with being an IT professional in Cardiology). All these different avenues have allowed to open up my mind and make me confident in launching a new business or do new things with a go do it attitude. Without risk there is no reward and not every venture will be successful but if we don’t try then we wont know what our strengths and weaknesses are Read more>>